Higher education

Manage student workers, create efficient, standardized processes, and keep labor budgets on track


Empower each department with streamlined business processes

The chaos of siloed systems, tracking student workers, and departments’ varied payroll and scheduling rules makes it hard for colleges and universities to get time right. TCP automates time tracking and employee scheduling for higher education—so you can focus on growing the next generation of leaders.

Standardize processes without losing departmental nuance

flexible time capture

Boost timekeeping accuracy to rein in budgets

Mix and match our flexible time capture options, and automate payroll calculations to match each department’s overtime, compliance rules, position-specific pay rates, and more.

Leave & Absense

Easily manage student workers

Track schedules and availability—even across multiple jobs—to monitor budgeted hours vs. hours worked and abide by work thresholds.

Time Keeping

Streamline scheduling and handle changes with ease

Use AI-based forecasting to know exactly how to staff across positions and events, auto-fill schedules in a few clicks, and easily fill call offs with available and qualified staff.

efficient business processes_1

Drive efficient business processes and real-time communications

Enable departments to configure self-service and automated processes for shift swaps, exceptions approvals, shift reminders and updates, and time off/leave management.


Integrate with your systems of choice

Securely sync with your current ERP/HCM and payroll vendors.

campus public safety

Rest easy with proper campus public safety coverage

Ensure the right staff are scheduled on every shift for proper campus services and protection.

Automated solutions for colleges and universities


Time and attendance

Automated time tracking with highly configurable time collection options


Dynamic employee scheduling

AI-powered forecasting and automated scheduling for general campus staffing


Public safety employee scheduling

Dedicated scheduling tools aligned to the requirements of public safety

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“We needed to find a solution that would allow us to interface with our ERP system, eliminating the need to print paper timesheets.”

Judy Duffin, Payroll Manager, Stephen F. Austin State University

Ready to improve payroll accuracy by up to 99%?

Meet each department’s needs

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus more on student learning. Here’s how we can help your leadership team.


Payroll director

  • How can I quickly and accurately process payroll across each department's rules?
  • How do we accurately send hours to our payroll system?

HR director

  • How can we support compliance and improve visibility into employee events under FMLA?

Chief financial officer/business manager

  • How can we stay on budget and create simple, efficient business processes?

IT director, ERP/HCM systems analyst

Persona PublicSafetyEmployee

Campus public safety agency chief

  • How do I know I have the right staff in the right place at the right time?

Department heads/schedulers

  • How do we find solutions that match our department’s unique payroll, scheduling, and compliance needs?

Award-winning solutions

Every award received is a reflection of our core principles that details make the difference and customer outcomes matter most.

Proven implementations and 24/7 live customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

66 days

Average implementation time

<1 min

Wait time for live support


Customer satisfaction score

The best feature is the flexibility in time recording whether it is using a standalone time clock, computer browser access, or the mobile app. The records are in real time, and if any exceptions need to be addressed this can be done by using any device. The geofencing feature is nice so managers can see where employees clocked in. This is good for restricting clocking in only at their respective job location.

Les M.
Interim Associate Director Internships and Student Employment
G2 Reviews

The best part of the app is it reminds us about our schedule the day before, and this is an excellent part of the application. The built-in messaging system helps us chat with managers when needed. The app notifies about the new schedules as well as the availability.

Abhinav S.
Graduate Teaching Assistant
G2 Reviews

Great experience, easy to work with. Easy access—we can put it on all of our computers so the employee can clock in at any time, anywhere. And the fact that I can get help at any time. They are very good to work with.

Wendy R.
Payroll Clerk
G2 Reviews

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