Automated absence management

Simplify the entire process of requesting, finding, and confirming subs

Eliminate headaches and boost retention with automated workflows

InstaSub automates the entire process of requesting, notifying, and confirming subs, eliminating a frustrating manual process that impacts both staff experiences and quality instruction. No more early morning calls. No more ineffective robocalling system. No more hours wasted triangulating availability and schedules.

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Absence submissions

Enable teachers to quickly submit absences on any device, indicating the date and time of absence.


Teacher or administrator-based requests

Follow the same process whether you choose to have administrators or teachers post sub requests, driving rapid adoption through easy, consistent workflows.

Instant notifications and confirmations

Send job details to the right candidates via text, mobile app, or email.

Real-time job acceptance confirmations are sent via email and mobile app.


Paperless approvals

Eliminate paper forms and their storage with modern, digital processes and secure record keeping.

Internal class coverage

Locate and assign paras or other school staff for positions that need coverage but do not require subs.

InstaSub-Feature-Internal Coverage

Preferred substitute lists

Find the right coverage quickly by creating lists of favorite substitutes, substitutes by qualification, and more.

Substitute hours tracking

Automatically track the jobs accepted, hours worked by each sub, and the teachers they subbed for.


Shared calendar

Know which substitute is available, when, and for how long.

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