Track substitute fill rates, teacher absence trends, and more

Run and create multiple reports right from the dashboard to see trends in absences and accurately report hours for payroll.

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Get a 360-degree view of your employees’ absences, including:

  • Fill rates and unfilled rates
  • Top absence reasons
  • Absences by grade level/subject
  • Pending time-off requests

Absence tracking

Know who’s absent and when, and keep an accurate record of teacher absences over time.

Payroll report

Consolidate teachers’ attendance and absence data and the jobs accepted by substitutes to calculate their wages and salaries.

Export your payroll data to your existing payroll vendor or ERP vendor.


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How TCP supports K-12

We’re proud to support the essential work of teaching and learning. Learn more about how our time tracking and substitute management tools can support your school or district.



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