Substitute management

Boost fill rates, eliminate stressful and time-consuming manual processes, and keep students learning

Get qualified subs quickly with our substitute management system

Finding subs through manual processes can devour time, spike stress, and slow fill rates. TCP’s substitute management system protects time integrity by helping schools increase fill rates, eliminate time-consuming fill processes, and drive continuous student learning.

Why use a substitute management system?

Why are schools across America choosing TCP? By improving fill rates and saving hours of time, it simply pays for itself.

Eliminate stressful processes that administrators and teachers dread

Save time and money lost to manual processes

Provide consistent, high-quality student instruction with qualified and available subs


Our substitute management product



An incredibly easy-to-use platform for automated absence management, notifications, and sub hours tracking


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Spend time focused on students, not filling absences

fill processes

Improve fill rates

Boost sub attainment with real-time assignment postings via mass communications to available and qualified subs.

school district

Become a school of choice and expand your sub pool

Enable subs to use text or mobile app to accept assignments, and provide self-service access to assignments, worked hours, and lesson plans.

Alleviate staff stressors

Dramatically reduce time spent and alleviate stressors

Swap manual workflows with efficient, effective fill processes to both restore lost time and remove administrative burdens.

Find subs

Enable instructional continuity

Be the first to reach qualified subs with faster communications and preferred sub contact lists.

Engage internal resources

Engage internal resources

Track and schedule paras and other staff for shorter assignments or unfilled absences.

Minimize change management_

Minimize change management

Drive rapid adoption with a convenient platform for tech-savvy and tech-averse users alike.

Ready to fill teacher absences in minutes?

TCP knows K-12

Our time and attendance solution and substitute management system help districts increase efficiencies and accuracy, reduce compliance risk, and improve staff and substitute experiences.


Meet everyone’s needs

When finding great subs is easy, it helps everyone stress less and focus on student learning more. Here’s how we support your school team and subs.


School/district administrator

  • How do we quickly fill absences to meet target fill rates and keep instruction on track?
  • How do we improve teacher and sub experiences?


  • How can I submit an absence to my principal in real time?
  • How do I know a sub has been found for my class?

Substitute coordinator/school secretary

  • How do I find subs quickly, efficiently, and easily?


  • How can I get real-time assignment opportunities and respond via text or mobile app?
  • How can I share my availability?

Substitute management for schools like yours

We’re proud to support teaching and learning in our schools nationwide.


Just-right implementations and proven 24/7 customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

18 days

Average InstaSub implementation time

<1 min

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