May 15, 2023

4 Must-Haves for Healthcare Employee Time Tracking


Effective employee time tracking for healthcare facilities is critical for keeping employees happy and maintaining compliance. It’s a complex task. Getting it right is simply expected and getting it wrong can lead to serious trouble. You may need to manage various employee types, track and calculate different pay scales, and track different types of labor at multiple locations.

With the right time-tracking software, all these things can be a breeze. But how do you know which is the right one for you? Look for these time-tracking software must-haves:

4 Must Haves for Time-Tracking Software in Healthcare

Streamlined Payroll Processes

At its most basic, manual time tracking and then manual importing of employee time to payroll is time-consuming, prone to human errors, and puts you at risk for employee time theft. Add in complicated calculations – like overtime, shift differentials and differing pay scales—and it gets even more complicated.

There’s a better way! Time-tracking software that integrates with your existing payroll system will save valuable time processing payroll by eliminating the need for manual entry or uploads. With the right time-tracking software, you can rest assured that even the most challenging calculations are accurate and error-free. The right electronic payroll approval process and automated reports will streamline communication from top to bottom, while keeping your data privacy secure and protected within SOC-2 standards at every touchpoint.

Visibility & Mobile Access for All

In today’s fast-paced culture, employees expect tools that give them easy access to their schedule and hours worked. That’s especially essential if you have mobile or traveling staff. Besides being able to clock in from wherever they are working, employees also want the ability to request time off, view hours worked, scheduled hours, and communicate with their manager from their phones.

The right time-tracking app will enable employees to view and manage:

  • Hours they’ve worked
  • Schedules
  • Leave accruals
  • Any other personal information

At the same time, managers need easy access to workforce data. They need customizable, user-friendly dashboard views that provides easy visibility into key labor details like:

  • Total hours worked across locations
  • Overtime hours
  • Payroll and reporting
  • Leave requests
  • Staff details like skills, certifications, pay.

Look for a time-tracking system that gives you flexible dashboard options, like at-a-glance preferred views for different roles, including administrators. Or create a unique self-organized view that gives managers the freedom to set up key data according to their unique daily operations.

Bringing key activities all onto one platform makes things easier for administrators, providers, and staff. These features streamline managers’ most chaotic and critical day-to-day tasks. And that’s not all. Their ability to monitor labor efficiently helps keep overall facility costs down.

Flexible, Configurable Time Clock Calculator

Without the right tools, labor tracking for healthcare employees that work multiple jobs in multiple locations, or at varying pay scales can be a difficult task. You need a time clock calculator that lets you define the parameters for differing pay and then automatically calculates it for you. This will ensure every employee gets accurate pay, every time.

Configurable time and labor management features will allow your administrators to track overtime and “step-up” shifts. That way they can stay on budget while maintaining optimal staff-patient ratios. Look for a software that provides detailed labor data and error-free payroll by tracking and managing:

  • Shift differential compensation
  • Staff that work multiple positions
  • Staff that work in multiple locations with location-based job codes

Be sure to consider your future needs when selecting a time clock calculator. Even if you only have one location now, you want a system that scales with you as your organization evolves.

Compliance Management for Healthcare Clinics

With the large number of hourly employees staffing healthcare clinics, labor compliance is always a challenge. There are hundreds of laws with which healthcare organizations must comply, and keeping your employees up to speed on the latest changes is nearly impossible.

You need time-tracking tools that can be configured to help you enforce local labor laws, ensure employees are taking necessary breaks and meals, and have enough time off between shifts.

It’s also critical to have a fast, efficient, and accurate way to comply with Center for Medicare & Medicaid regulations. With a time-tracking system that can be configured to monitor compliance rules, you can easily pull reports in case of an audit. The ability for timely Payroll-Based Journaling is a must. This will save you lots of time and energy on quarterly reports.

Why Time Tracking with TimeClock Plus?

TCP’s TimeClock Plus software provides all these capabilities and more. From time tracking to scheduling to payroll (and more), we enable you to make employee time and schedules accessible and easy to view in advance. Management and employees gain increased transparency, and employees can manage their time off and schedules with self-service access and automate complex calculations.

If you’re ready for a better healthcare time-tracking system, learn more about what we can do for your facility and staff.