May 11, 2016

How Healthcare Employee Scheduling Software Can Help Hospitals


Working in healthcare is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet, why complicate it any further? If pen and paper or Excel are still your healthcare staff scheduling methods of choice, you are losing a lot of precious time.

Using online staff scheduling software can help take a load off your shoulders by providing you with a streamlined way to schedule and organize your staff in the cloud, saving you not only time but money as well. Healthcare staff scheduling is incredibly complex, with shifts at all hours of the day and night.

Software like Humanity helps you make sense of it all and create accurate schedules every week that everyone on your staff will have access to at all times.

The very nature of medical staff employee scheduling demands the utmost system efficiency when it comes to managing schedules and creating accurate work schedules for nurses and physicians at medical offices, hospitals, home health services, medical centers and other medical care facilities. Staying in contact with all your employees is incredibly important as well in the effort to improve your patient care and provide a viable solution for constant care.

The Diverse Needs that Healthcare Employee Scheduling Software Covers

While some medical facilities focus exclusively on certain types of medical care and staffing, others deal with ad hoc patient emergencies as part of their normal operations. Some medical practices and institutions engage in community awareness and prevention programs to help educate the public on various medical concerns, and all of these activities have their own scheduling demands.

With so many positions, employee and skill requirements to meet when it comes to finding a solution for medical staffing, and so many schedules to create in the healthcare industry, there is no room for anything less than total staff organization, constant contact and perfect scheduling practices, especially when the staff count reaches into the dozens, hundreds and even thousands, operating 24/7 and covering hundreds of shifts.Healthcare 5

The Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software for Healthcare Providers

Humanity’s custom installation and set-up allow every medical staffing demand to be met, giving you a better view of your needs. Whether there are two or three shifts that employees need to cover in each 24-hour scheduling cycle, and taking into account the individual needs and preferences of each staff member, Humanity provides the powerful scheduling tools you need to cover a multitude of shifts, needs and expectations of every day, efficiently and easily.

Healthcare staff scheduling software puts real-time data at the scheduler’s fingertips. Managers always know the availability of qualified personnel, staff preferences for particular days, shifts and units, and union and regulatory requirements, making staffing and scheduling that much easier. Humanity provides the tools necessary to keep track of staffing reports, regulated ratios and all of the demands that medical services must meet with their schedules. It provides hospital managers with a perfect system for better staff scheduling.

Key Features

Healthcare staff scheduling software can help hospitals and other medical institutions to streamline their processes, which translates to better patient care, stress-free staffing, better contact between management and staff, more accurate schedules and less overtime while ensuring that all staff needs are met and ultimately exceeded.

  • Fast and simple on-call scheduling.
  • View assignments and schedule shifts effectively for your staff and client needs.
  • Generate work schedules with customized shift patterns for a compressed work week and eight, 10, 12, and 24-hour fixed and rotating shift schedules that adapt to the scheduling demands of most hospitals and healthcare providers.

Many hospitals and medical organizations have come to depend upon the powerful, integrated staff scheduling tools and options at the foundation of Humanity’s state-of-the-art software. Whether you are scheduling patient appointments within a doctor’s office or physician and PA rotations at the hospital, your labor scheduling software must be comprehensive, flexible and adaptable to every departmental staffing and employee scheduling demand.

Critical principles in healthcare workforce management are integrated into Humanity’s intuitive, customizable software.

  • Schedule workforce rotations automatically.
  • View your schedule anywhere.
  • Add and import unlimited personnel records through .csv, Address Book, Facebook and Google Apps.
  • Add and import unlimited schedules via .csv and .xls.
  • Grant workers the ability to request schedule changes electronically at any time.
  • Enforce consecutive work hour limitations.
  • Automate shift and vacation bidding procedures.
  • Enable workers to manage their own shifts and to swap shifts electronically.

It is important for every hospital and healthcare agency to manage its employee’s work hours and time as well as their off hours. Most medical scheduling managers abide by labor union rules in determining vacation assignments, which are usually based on predetermined scheduling parameters. Humanity can help keep vacation scheduling streamlined and in compliance with regulations, easily and with little to no margin of error so that your patient care never suffers.

Healthcare 56

Ways Healthcare Businesses Can Use Staff Scheduling Software

  • Sets up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • Staff can view schedules on the go.
  • Easily creates separate schedules for every sector.
  • Provides for individual schedule management.
  • Allows sector managers to oversee and control shift trades, vacations, open shifts, etc.
  • SMS notification system makes scheduling fast and easy.

Additional Benefits

  • Helps to accommodate patient safety and response time by keeping adequate healthcare staff on call hand at all times.
  • Complies with union and governmental regulations automatically.
  • Allows staff and workers consideration in their individual shift preferences.
  • Provides the ability to reach any staff member within moments electronically, even if they are off-shift.

Humanity allows you to manage the medical facility’s labor force and field services simultaneously, crucial to maximizing the standards of operation. Humanity will provide powerful scheduling tools to meet everyday medical needs as well as emergency response to unexpected events within virtually any scenario that can arise.

Additional Information

Learn more about what Humanity can do for your business and your staffing and employee scheduling needs. Using Humanity saves your hospital time and money. Since the custom set-up is free, you have nothing to lose except your old, costly employee scheduling process.