Success Story: Rusk County Sheriff's Office

May 23, 2023

Sheriff's Department Gains Anytime, Anywhere Staff Schedule Access with ScheduleAnywhere


The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office is based in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. The Sheriff’s office provides professional law enforcement, criminal investigation, search and rescue, civil process, records, dispatch, and corrections services to people within Rusk County.


Supervisors at the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department were using PC-based software for employee scheduling. Although the scheduling capabilities were adequate, the system did not provide deputies and corrections staff with access to real-time schedules when they were not in the office. Communicating schedule changes required multiple emails and phone calls, and it was impossible to know whether each employee had the most current schedule information. To ensure proper coverage, supervisors would manually count the number of employees and deputies who were scheduled for each shift. This process was time intensive and left the department vulnerable to staffing errors and non-compliance issues.

“Previously, deputies and staff couldn’t view their schedules on their mobile devices, and they often doubted whether they had the most current schedule.” Chief Deputy Phil Grassman


The sheriff’s department replaced its PC-based scheduling software with ScheduleAnywhere – a cloud-based scheduling system from Atlas Business Solutions (ABS). ABS was able to import the sheriff’s department’s current deputy and employee schedules, which streamlined the set-up process. With ScheduleAnywhere’s mobile app, everyone in the department can now access the most current schedule information anytime, anywhere. ScheduleAnywhere automatically performs staffing calculations based on the department’s specific requirements. This frees up supervisors’ time and ensures every shift is properly staffed. Additionally, when schedule changes are made, affected employees are notified, and the schedule is immediately updated. Now, everyone always has the most current schedule information.

“The system prevents us from double-scheduling employees. If you unknowingly try to schedule a person who is already scheduled, a prompt comes up telling you that you already have the employee scheduled.” Chief Deputy Phil Grassman

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