Drive compliant schedules for just-right patient care, control costs, and improve employee experiences

Transform daily work to divert focus back into patients

Compliance rules, schedule complexity, and new employee expectations all make it hard for healthcare providers to get time right. TCP automates employee scheduling and time tracking for better schedules, labor cost management, and employee experiences that help drive quality patient care.

Spend less time managing shift chaos, more time caring for patients

Handle fluid schedules

Drive just-right coverage for compliant schedules

Auto-schedule the right staffing mix for proper patient care and gain peace of mind from audit-ready historical records.

efficient business processes

Automate shift communications

Share updates, set shift reminders, and configure shift trades and pickups via our top-rated mobile app.

Control costs

Control labor costs

Eliminate overscheduling, unneeded overtime, and inaccurate timekeeping—and automate payroll calculations for shift differentials, overtime, and more.

Retain your team

Turn daily processes into simple workflows

Easily fill call offs with available and qualified staff, track staff hours across multiple teams or positions, and manage exceptions in real time.

Visualized coverage

Provide standout employee flexibility

Offer ease and transparency at every touch point, from availability submissions to easy time capture to configured 24/7 self-service access to schedules and hours.

Labor Tracking

Streamline government reporting

Use built-in tools for quarterly Payroll-Based Journal reports and track certifications for accreditation reporting.

Automated solutions for healthcare

Our tools can be used separately but offer the most value when integrated and used together.


Dynamic employee scheduling

AI-powered forecasting, automated scheduling, and a top-rated mobile app that employees love


Time and attendance

Automated time tracking with accurate calculations across nuanced payroll rules and highly flexible time collection, including mobile

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“I love being able to customize what we define as a regular workweek and a regular shift. Humanity streamlines scheduling to our needs and allows us to attach rules specifically to individual roles. Plus, everything is really simple to manage.”

Sean Yost, Executive Director, Optional Rehabilitation Services (OPTIONS)

Ready to reduce time spent on scheduling by up to 75%?

Meet everyone's needs

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus on patient care. Here’s how we can help your management team.


Clinical supervisor

  • How do we stay compliant?
  • How do I know we have the right staffing mix for proper patient care?

Operations director

  • How do we control labor costs to stay on budget?
  • How do I accurately track staff hours across departments and locations?

Shift supervisor

  • How do I easily fill call offs with qualified and available staff?

Payroll director

  • How do I accurately process employee hours—including shift differentials and position-based pay rates and send hours to our payroll system?

HR director

  • How can I get better visibility into employee events that fall under FMLA?

Calling small businesses

200 or fewer employees? TCP offers time tracking and scheduling purpose-built just for you.

Award-winning solutions

Every award received is a reflection of our core principles that details make the difference and customer outcomes matter most.

Proven implementations and 24/7 live customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

66 days

Average implementation time

<1 min

Wait time for live support


Customer satisfaction score

My favorite thing is the ease of use, whether I am in my office on a desktop or on-the-go and need to make changes on my phone. My employees depend on me to be able to give them quick answers and updates to their schedules. Humanity has made this simple and user-friendly.

Kayla L.
Registered Nurse, Assistant Manager
G2 Reviews

We are a large dental practice with 65 hourly employees. We have used TimeClock Plus for over 20 years. Their technology stays up-to-date, the reporting is very user friendly and support staff are very knowledgeable. You can set perimeters for employee access when clocking in and out, and I use the employee demographic reports for several HR projects.

Dawn T.
Practice Manager
G2 Reviews

Humanity is really user friendly, and their support gets back to you quickly—no need to stress. This is the easiest system you'll find compared to others you've used.

Reina F.
Enrollment Specialist
G2 Reviews

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