Eliminate payroll inaccuracies with automated timekeeping software

TimeClock Plus protects time integrity with accurate calculations across even the most complex payroll rules to control costs and minimize errors. Managers can see hours and exceptions in real time, which streamlines workflows, improves accountability, and expedites payroll prep.

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Precise calculations across complex rules, aligned to your requirements

Configure payroll rules to match internal policies, state and federal regulations, and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) across:

  • Different overtime rules and periods
  • Pay rates by positions
  • Shift differentials
  • Paid breaks and meal breaks
  • Supplemental hours

Real-time exception tracking and management

Empower managers to proactively address exceptions before they become problematic with a single dashboard for easy review and approval, including:

  • Missed punches
  • Long shifts
  • Long or short breaks
  • Tardies
  • Absences
  • Overtime

Overtime management

Receive automated notifications when an employee meets or approaches overtime, and avoid costly errors with rule-based overtime calculations, including:

  • Varied overtime thresholds (weekly, biweekly, daily and weekly, etc.)
  • Weighted/blended overtime for employees with multiple rates
  • Comp time rule options to meet your specifications

Missed break and California meal break compliance 

Catch missed breaks before they happen with automated notifications during the compliance window.

Automate penalty time payments for breaks that are indeed missed.

Electronic timesheets management 

Use our time clocks to track hours with precision, or simply empower employees to quickly enter and submit online timesheets for approval—no more time-consuming timesheet collection and approval processes.


Built-in historical records and audit logs

Keep a secure, historical record of payroll files and timesheets, including audit logs to track edits.

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