ERP, HCM, and payroll integrations

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Without ERP and payroll integrations, you’re working too hard


Siloed systems increase hidden errors, waste resources, and widen risk exposure. TCP protects time integrity with secure, flexible integrations to your wider ecosystem—enterprise resource management (ERP), human capital management (HCM), and payroll—to bring your team maximum efficiency.

Integration solutions

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ERP and HCM integrations

Send time and attendance and scheduling data to your current platforms.

Time Clock Integrations

Time clock integrations

Simplify front-end time collection for your ERP or HCM system—our highly configurable clocks send punch data directly to your platform.

Payroll Integration

Payroll integrations

Run payroll in just a few clicks and take payroll time from days to hours—we already have hundreds of pre-built integrations available.

Purpost Built

Purpose-built integrations

Partner with our team to create unique data transfers matched to your needs. We’re committed to ensuring our software conforms to you—not the other way around.

Humanity integrates with TimeClock Plus

Get dynamic employee scheduling and automated time tracking in one unified experience.

TimeClock Plus is TCP’s automated time and attendance solution. It integrates with Humanity and offers accurate calculations across nuanced payroll rules, highly flexible time collection, and robust leave management.

As a result, you can:

  • Eliminate double entry
  • Improve employee experiences with a single mobile app
  • Bolster their workflows
  • Reduce risk of errors

Integration solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and security

Dramatically boost efficiencies

Dramatically boost efficiencies and reduce resource waste

Eliminate double-entry and create standardized, seamless processes by integrating with your existing ERP/HCM and payroll providers.


Eliminate errors and mitigate compliance risk

Gain peace of mind with accurate data transfers that eliminate the need for error-prone human intervention.

Future proof

Future proof for changes

Rest assured that you can always choose the ERP, HCM, and payroll vendor that meets your business needs—our solutions are product agnostic.

better employee experiences

Offer better employee experiences

Improve accuracy in business processes and remove complex, manual steps that lead to errors and pay delays for staff.

decision making

Improve decision-making

Use time tracking and scheduling data to help drive strategic decisions for better business outcomes.


Maintain security

Establish integrations with a company that values your data privacy and security.

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