Time tracking software
for small business

Built for companies with 200 or fewer employees

Save time and costs with small business time tracking

Never rely on physical paper or manual time clocks again. Access hours and leave requests anytime, anywhere to boost time tracking accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits of automated time tracking software
for small business

Ditch paper timesheets and chaotic leave requests for an automated solution
that frees up your time and protects your bottom line.

auditable processes

Eliminate manual processes with cloud-based time and attendance.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and security across your locations with biometrics, QR, facial recognition, and GPS control.

Monitor trends

Monitor trends in real time with customizable reporting on attendance, punches, and expenses.

Set up

Get set up in minutes with a user-friendly platform designed for small businesses.

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Customized dashboard

Choose from 16 widgets to see the right data at a glance, like clock-in times, PTO hours remaining, salaries, and overtime.

Online timesheets

Give supervisors and employees the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere.

View employee activity to verify time worked, and monitor any suspicious changes.


Mobile clocks with geolocation

Limit your employees to clock in at a specific location, and set up alerts if an employee clocks outside the predefined area.

Learn more about our time clocks.

Clock in with QR code

Streamline your punch-ins with QR codes to reduce fraud and streamline workflows.

Learn more about our time clocks.


Manage leave requests and accruals

Enable employees to submit and manage their leave requests directly from their mobile devices and see time off balances any time.

Effortlessly manage your team's time off with our versatile benefit accrual module.

Customize leave requests

Configure the fields to fit your organization’s leave policies.


Easy user management

Easily assign user types and adjust permissions to give your team exactly the access they need.

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Seamless integrations

We already integrate with leading solutions for seamless payroll and hassle-free ecosystems.

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“It gives me a real-time way to capture hours worked on each project and I don’t have to remind my crew to turn in timesheets.”

Jane Cooper

The right support makes all the difference

Never go it alone. Our world-class support is here to help you every step of the way.


24/7 support

Whether you’re a new or experienced user, we’re here to help any time.


One-minute response

On average, it takes less than a minute to talk to a live support agent by phone or chat.


97% satisfaction

More than 9 out of 10 customers say they’re satisfied with TCP support services.

Small business time tracking resources

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Maximizing Efficiency
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Manual scheduling costs more than you think. Learn how automated employee scheduling transforms your labor costs.

5 ways time tracking boosts your bottom line

Our solutions can boost your bottom line by reducing time theft, improving transparency and fairness among employees, and by managing complicated schedules and payroll. We can also help to keep you in compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Learn answers to common questions about time tracking software for small business.

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