July 1, 2020

Aladtec Continues To Develop

Aladtec Continues To Develop

If you are looking to improve your employee scheduling process, you will want to take another look at Aladtec. Our developers have recently rolled out several dynamic enhancements that will make your scheduling duties less of a chore.

Time Off Daily Limits & Blocked Dates

Administrators can now avoid having too many members on Time Off at the same time. Restrictions can be made by setting daily limits and blocked dates. Daily limits can be set up to show a warning, require admin approval, or not allow Time Off when exceeding a specified number of members.

Coverage Alerts

Aladtec now offers coverage alerts with a ‘staggered’ approach. This new feature allows managers to create and automatically cycle through a list of members, offering only the appropriate individual the opportunity to work an extra shift. For example, an individual with the most seniority or least overtime hours has the right of first refusal before the shift is offered to a member with the second-most-seniority or second-least overtime hours, and so on. Unlimited sets of rules can be configured, accommodating unique rules for various groups of members.

Drag & Drop

The Hourly Editor now allows a drag-and-drop feature, improving the efficiency to update existing records. Easily drag existing scheduled time over another existing record or even block time.

Extra Hours

Aladtec has added an Extra Hours feature to streamline the workflow for tracking unplanned hours, whether for holdovers, shift variances, or unscheduled overtime. Members can easily request Extra Hours for administrator approval.

Shift Labels

Shift Labels can be used to add a label and color to each schedule day in Aladtec. The labels and colors can be customized to provide a sense of familiarity for members (e.g., Red/Gold/Black, A/B/C shifts, etc.). With Shift Labels, whether on mobile or desktop, it’s easy to quickly glance at any of the schedule views to see which shift is working and identify upcoming shifts.


Aladtec is committed to integrating our software tools with several popular reporting, notification, and data display applications to save you time, improve accuracy, and eliminate mundane tasks!  To see our current list of integration partners, visit our website at