24/7 rotational scheduling

Simplify schedule creation, maintenance, and communication

Build rotational schedules that best serve your community

Ensure you have the right number and mix of staff on each shift, without the hassle of outdated paper schedules and frustrating phone trees.

Explore our 24/7 rotational scheduling

Rotational scheduling made easy

Use any of our pre-configured rotations—including 24/48, 48/96, Panama Rotation, California Rotation, and many more—and schedule for multiple years at a time.

The system flexes to handle even the most complex, custom patterns.


Real-time edits

Drag and drop to make ongoing changes, whether removing an employee who called off or adding additional shifts.
Employees always have access to the updated schedule as changes happen.

Coverage and gap visibility

Visualize coverage by day, week, and month to proactively identify and fill gaps and clear minimum staffing requirement violations.


As-needed scheduling

Add shifts for extra duty or events and track training classes, meetings, and court appearances.


Empower employees to view and co-own their schedules using self-service tools, including:

  • Submitting their availability (preferred, available, or unavailable)
  • Requesting and tracking leave
  • Picking up open shifts
  • Reporting back time and extra duty shifts
  • Trading shifts

Built-in communications

Streamline communications—such as shift updates, filling open shifts, and managing employee requests—as part of the scheduling process.

Coming soon! Shift and leave bidding

Automate your shift and leave bidding processes to save countless hours of manual work while complying with collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requirements and providing fair, transparent practices to staff.


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