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Take the heavy lifting out of minimum staffing requirements, certification tracking, fatigue rules, and more, so you have the right staff on every shift.

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Minimum staffing requirements

Ensure you have the right number of staff and the right mix of qualifications for each shift.

The system automatically monitors minimum staffing levels and flags violations.


Fatigue rules and work limits

Keep employees safe and set work limits matched to union rules and agency policies, including:

  • Maximum contiguous work hour limits
  • Maximum work hour limits per day, week, and month
  • Required time off or rest period between shifts

Certification tracking and expirations

Track certifications for proper scheduling and receive automated reminders when expiration dates are looming.

The system can be configured to issue a warning or prevent scheduling an employee with an expired certification.


Configurable rules for compliance and transparency

Bring your team a new peace of mind by configuring the system to match internal policies, state and federal labor laws, and union rules.

System log

See a detailed record of every login, request, and other actions taken within the system, including when the action was taken and by whom.


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