December 10, 2020

Industry-Leading Time Tracking Solutions


Employee time collection has come a long way since the days of using a manual employee time clock and physical time cards that could be lost or manipulated. Today’s time and attendance technology allows you to do so much more. You can calculate and plan labor costs, improve workflows, and support employee health and safety. With configurable tools that flex to meet the needs of your organization, you cut down on waste while improving overall productivity in the workplace.

Customizable time-collection solutions by TCP help you get an accurate count of employee work hours, and they also offer a broad range of self-service features that empower employees and managers. With TCP’s unparalleled time clock options, you gain access to the real-time insights you need to keep business operations moving smoothly. Here are the highlights of our time-collection solutions and a sampling of their many capabilities:

TCP’s Core Time Clock—Highly Configurable

When you have varied time-collection needs for different employee groups and locations, the TCP core time clock gives you the flexibility to configure time and attendance tracking for your entire organization. Employees can use the core time clock to check in, input time-off requests, and check out. In addition, when you connect other clock solutions, such as a biometric reader or badge scanner, you can collect each employee’s time according to your unique specifications. For example, you might use the core time clock in conjunction with fingerprint scanners at each work site, but also use it in conjunction with our mobile app for remote employees.

Other available options include:

Individualized configuration: adjust time clock settings per employee or location
Customizable interface: choose between a touchscreen or keypad operation
Battery backup and fallback mode: keep tracking time even when you lose power or internet connectivity

Biometric Time Clocks—Ensure Accuracy

When you need to eliminate the occurrence of “buddy-punching” (employees clocking in or out for each other), biometric time clocks are there to help you maintain time and attendance accuracy. Each biometric clock uses a handprint or fingerprint impression to collect time specific to each individual. Smart technology captures these unique employee identifiers and lets you know exactly who is at work at all times. Configured options include the following:

Fingerprint scanner: employees clock in and out using a finger touchscreen or keypad interface
Hand scanner: in a matter of seconds, anti-microbial sensors scan the topography of each employee’s hand during clock-in and clock-out
BioScan USB time clock: get all the power of the fingerprint scanner in a portable USB time clock

Badge Reader Time Clock—Quick and Contactless

The badge reader time clock is an excellent option for contactless employee time and attendance tracking. Employees simply wave their badges across the time clock reader to clock in and out. Using your choice of a proximity sensor, magnetic strip, or badge barcode, employees can quickly and effortlessly record their time.

The badge reader time clock integrates with access control systems, so you can use it to allow employees entry to their work location. It can also be configured to continue operating in offline mode or battery backup if your work location loses power or internet.

WebClock—Time Tracking from Any Browser

WebClock’s browser-based tools and dashboard let you manage employee hours, exceptions, and attendance from a single, user-friendly portal. Offering the ultimate in convenience and availability, WebClock enables the following time and attendance actions for employees and managers:

Request time off and approve shift hours<
See where and when employees have access to work systems and work site
Improve your efficiency by using work computers to manage time clock operations

MobileClock App—Works Where You Work

Whether you have remote employees who can’t access a physical time clock or employees at a work site with no computer access, the MobileClock app makes it easy to collect and track employee time. Using the fully mobile solution, employees can check in and check out, and managers can approve hours and requests—all on the go. The app provides both employees and managers with a fully customized experience based on their job, department, and location.

The MobileClock app provides all-around time and attendance functionality for employees in any location, giving them the ability to do the following:

Check schedules
Input requests
Receive and respond to messages

Thermal Sensor Time Clock—Monitor Employee Health

Take your time and attendance tracking to the next level and monitor employee body temperature with our thermal sensor time clock. As employees clock in, the contactless thermal sensor takes their temperature. In three seconds, you’ll know if an employee’s temperature signals a potential health risk to your workplace.

For a completely touchless clock-in experience, you can combine the thermal sensor with our badge reader time clock. You also have the option of adding screening questions and temperature-based instructions, allowing you to establish a clock-in protocol that helps you maintain a safer work environment.

The thermal sensor time clock collects and stores employee temperature information in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, including new ADA guidelines for keeping employees safe from the spread of COVID-19. You can also combine the thermal sensor time clock with our MobileClock app for real-time employee contact tracing.

Not sure how to choose? Check out TCP’s Time Clock Selection Guide.

The Competition Can’t Compare to Our Options

To manage labor costs and keep your business running, you need to collect employee time in a way that works best for your organization. No one offers more customization options than TCP. These configurable, customizable time clocks give you multiple ways to manage employee time and attendance no matter where your employees are working.

Effective time collection is one of many game-changing strategies for managing your workforce and just the beginning of what sets TCP’s time and attendance capabilities apart from the competition. For more strategies and tips, read our e-book, Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Management.