June 21, 2023

Tech Tip: How to Set Up Simultaneous and Staggered Coverage Alerts

tech tip

While some organizations have yearlong shifts planned, most plan their shifts and schedules in a much shorter time frame. There are also sudden changes in coverage due to unexpected changes to staff availability. Aladtec’s coverage alerts feature helps organizations find coverage in a timely manner for both expected and unexpected openings.

Image 1: Coverage Alert Interface

There are two ways to notify the employees for openings under coverage alerts: Simultaneous Coverage Alerts and Staggered Coverage Alerts.

Simultaneous Coverage Alerts

When using simultaneous coverage alerts, all qualified employees will be notified of an opening at the same time. They can then respond to the alerts and the opening will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis or by a review and approval basis. This approach is the best fit for finding coverage in short notice.

Image 2: Simultaneous Coverage Alert Interface

Staggered Coverage Alerts

On the other hand, staggered coverage is the best fit for finding coverage for a foreseeable opening. Employers can send the coverage alerts based on a list of qualified employees in a sequence of filtering criteria that they have picked, like start date, last overtime etc.

The first employee on the list will be notified, and the employee will have to respond within a set time frame, predetermined by the employer.

If the employee rejects or fails to reply within the set time frame, the system will go to the next employee on the list until someone picks up the shift.

Image 3: Staggered Coverage Alert Setup

Image 4: Staggered Coverage Interface

You can see both features in action in this webinar.

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