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July 7, 2023

Unveiling the Hidden Costs of Manual Time, Attendance and Employee Scheduling

About This Resource

It’s Monday morning, and the shift manager is on the phone with an employee who called in sick. Another employee is working because she’s on the schedule even though it’s her day off. Both problems must be solved ASAP.

Meanwhile, things are not going much better in the payroll manager’s office. Not only is she being held up by late timesheets, but she just received notice that there may be a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) non-compliance issue, and she will have to work nights and weekends to pull together all the documentation.

Just two hours into the work week, the staff is frustrated, the shift supervisor is pulling out their hair, and the payroll manager is considering quitting.

Is your organization still struggling with manual time and attendance and spending hours, if not days, correcting payroll mistakes? Are your scheduling managers spending hours each day just dealing with schedule changes—beyond the time spent building the initial schedule? Rest assured, by the time you finish reading this eBook, you’ll know exactly how to calculate the actual costs of manual processes and have confidence when presenting the ROI of a time, attendance, and scheduling system.

Get ready to get time right.