Optimize your workforce, control labor costs, and improve employee experiences

Optimize your manufacturing workforce and boost efficiencies


When every minute and dollar matter, optimizing labor can make a big difference to manufacturers’ bottom lines and employee satisfaction. TCP’s automated time tracking and employee scheduling helps you manage shift coverage and labor costs, mitigate compliance risk, and improve employee experiences.

Keep your facilities running smoothly

Time Keeping

Accurately track labor

Create organization-wide job codes or sync from your ERP/HCM to track projects, work orders, customers, machinery, and more by department.

Control costs

Control costs and improve your bottom line

Use AI-based demand forecasting for just-right shift coverage, and automate payroll rules.

Simplify time capture_1

Simplify time capture

Use our durable and highly configurable clocks—including badge readers and mobile clocks to quickly switch between jobs—for accurate timekeeping in rugged environments.


Mitigate compliance risk

Adhere to labor laws and union agreements with our rules engines for overtime, fatigue rules, meal breaks, accruals, and more.

Improve employee

Improve employee experiences

Offer ease and transparency at every touch point, from easy-to-use and speedy clocks to employee availability tracking to self-service access to schedules, hours worked, and accruals.

decision making

Make better decisions

Run pre-built and custom reports to monitor KPIs and trends in jobs, productivity, overtime, and more.

Automated solutions for manufacturers

Our tools can be used separately but offer the most value when integrated and used together.


Time and attendance

Accurate calculations across nuanced payroll rules, highly flexible time collection, and robust leave management


Dynamic employee scheduling

AI-powered forecasting, automated scheduling, and a top-rated mobile app that employees love

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“Great, flexible solution. We can track our work orders with payroll codes, and accrual banks are great for PTO.”

Jason J., G2 Reviews

Ready to increase productivity by up to 50%?

Meet everyone’s needs

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus on other priorities. Here’s how we can help your team.


Chief financial officer

  • How can we improve business outcomes, stay on budget, and exceed profit KPIs?

Chief technology officer

  • How can we avoid high-maintenance tech solutions?

Payroll director

  • How can I quickly and accurately process payroll?
  • How do we accurately send hours to our payroll system?

Chief HR officer

  • How can I get better visibility into employee events that fall under FMLA?
  • How do we stay compliant with CBAs and labor laws?
Frontline manager

Production/floor managers

  • How can I keep a pulse on employee statuses, piece rates, and machine time?
  • How can I get the right mix of staff for every shift and manage exceptions in real time?

Calling small businesses

200 or fewer employees? TCP offers time tracking and scheduling purpose-built just for you.

Award-winning solutions

Every award received is a reflection of our core principles that details make the difference and customer outcomes matter most.

Proven implementations and 24/7 live customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

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Average implementation time

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