Solve public safety scheduling strains and guard against compliance risks

Shift scheduling for hometown heroes

Aladtec provides public safety employee scheduling to match shifts to your rotation patterns and monitor minimum staffing requirements. It protects time integrity by retiring outdated processes and removing scheduling strains, so you can keep your agency properly staffed, connected, and engaged.

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Aladtec automates rotational shift scheduling and agency workflows, so you can focus on your community and your team—not on filling call offs and hunting down paperwork.

Shift Planning

24/7 rotational scheduling

Coverage Alerts & Communications

Coverage alerts and communications

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How it works

When it comes to shift scheduling, every agency has different requirements. Not only do we get it, we're purpose-built for it.


Create and manage shift schedules matched to your rotational patterns, and easily fill open shifts by availability, certification, and seniority.


Streamline agency workflows with digital forms, staffing level and certification tracking, and consolidated data access and reporting.


Empower employees with anytime, anywhere access to view and interact with schedules.

Benefits of our shift scheduling software

Why are agencies choosing Aladtec? Because it pays for itself by helping you keep the right staff on every shift and eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

Spend “zero time” on scheduling

Simplify filling open shifts and ensure proper coverage

Drive agency decisions with confidence

Mitigate compliance risk and manage certifications


Meet the needs of your whole agency

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus on other priorities. Here’s how we can help your team.

Persona PublicSafetyEmployee


  • How can I drive accountability and efficiency in my agency?
  • How do we stay compliant and improve staff experiences?

Command staff

  • How do I make sure I have the right coverage on every shift?
  • How do I quickly page available and qualified staff to fill open shifts?


  • How can I view my schedule and important department news?
  • How can I adjust my schedule?

IT professionals

  • How can we modernize our processes, reduce maintenance effort, and improve security?
  • How can we improve access to our data?

Ready to dramatically reduce time spent on scheduling?

Award-winning shift scheduling software

Just-right implementations and proven 24/7 customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

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