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Checklists, screenings, inventory tracking—whatever the form, you and your team can access, complete, and store it securely from any device for easy reporting when needed.

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Pre-built configurable forms

Choose from a library of over 200 pre-built forms developed by other Aladtec customers.
You can use them as they are or customize them first.

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Custom forms

Use simple tools to help create digital versions of the paper forms your agency uses.

Form reports

Review form submissions, check responses from an individual employee, or export data for auditors, boards, and more.
Aladtec securely stores historical records for future reference.


Form notifications

Automate text and email alerts for form submissions or specific field responses.

Form attachments

Upload photos and other files—such as receipts or vehicle damage and scene photos—and attach them to the form.


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Digital form resources

Explore free downloads and articles.

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