Improve operations and work experiences with self-service

Mobile self-service helps employees balance work and life by letting them see and engage with their schedule, complete and submit digital forms, and communicate with employees.

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24/7 access

Employees can see the latest schedule, request time off, trade shifts, adjust their availability, and see others scheduled on their shifts—all from their mobile device.


Shift signups

It's easy for employees to sign up for open shifts.

You can approve automatically or manually based on order of submission, hours worked, or seniority.

Shift trading

With a couple of taps, employees can give away or swap shifts with other qualified personnel.
You can approve automatically or manually based on compliance rules.


Digital forms

You can even complete agency forms from mobile or tablet devices—no more paper forms to print, transcribe, and store.

Shift reminders

Send automated reminders to staff 24 hours before their shift starts.
If there are any updates in that 24-hour window—such as position or location changes—the system automatically sends that update as well.


Shift management

Managers can track minimum staffing violations, respond to employee requests, send pages to fill open shifts, and more.

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Fire and Rescue

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement

Emergency Comms

Emergency communication centers


Campus public safety

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