Reduce time theft and track time accurately

No matter where your employees work, we have clock options to help you track time accurately. Employees can clock in on any device with enhanced security features like GPS perimeters and biometrics.

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Web application

Our browser-based interface allows employees and administrators to easily access our online time clock that stops time theft, tracks time accurately, and saves hundreds of hours per year.

Mobile application

View employees on a map and set clock in and clock out permissions from specified GPS locations.


Advanced Fingerprint Sensor (TS500 terminal)

Great for busy workspaces, the TS500 time clock helps you collect real-time employee data in clean and messy environments alike.

Industrial Fingerprint Sensor (TS700 terminal)

Great for high-traffic workplaces, the TS700 time clock helps you collect real-time employee data in almost any type of environment.


Touchless (FR1000 terminal)

Great for places where touch is not possible. Use smart card, PIN entry, or facial recognition.

Use QR code or PIN (QR terminal)

Use QR technology to quickly log in with your mobile device without touching the terminal.


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“It gives me a real-time way to capture hours worked on each project and I don’t have to remind my crew to turn in timesheets.”

Jane Cooper

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