July 19, 2012

Encourage Good Time Clock Behavior By Restricting Where Clocking In/Out of Shifts Occurs


Clocking in and out of shifts (and accurately tracking employee clocking behavior) is often a vital part of a company’s workforce management and reporting process. Procedures and needs vary greatly from one organization to the next. Our scheduler and workforce management software solution allows managers to customize and adapt the application to their needs. Our time clock feature gets rid of the need for expensive stand-alone equipment, streamlines time clocking related processes and allows for customization without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

For example, Humanity allows you to setup individual locations that can be used to restrict where clocking in and out for shifts occurs. This feature allows managers to control clocking by employees and encourage good clock behavior.

Time Clock Locations

To turn on the time clock location feature, go to your ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Account Settings’ on the left hand side. Scroll down to ‘Time Clock settings’ and mark the check box associated with the line ‘Lock time-clocking to specified locations’, like below:

Now, to set up a clock location, go to the ‘Time Clock’ tab and click on ‘Clock Locations’ under the ‘Management’ subheading.

Click on ‘Setup New Location’ under the ‘Clock Locations’.

The form below will appear. Here, you can indicate if you want the computer you are using to be a clock location, or if you want to specify another computer via an i.p. address as the clock location.

Locations can be setup using an i.p. address, which can also mean several computers on the same i.p., as well as can change over time if you do not have a static i.p. with your ISP. A location can also be set to an individual computer. This method is preferred as it uses a cookie, which is stored securely on the computer. Please note that if you use this method, if cookies are ever removed, a new one will need to be set.

Add the location name and a description of the clock location, to easily differentiate clock locations from one another. Once you have entered the appropriate information, click ‘Add Location’.

Time Clock Terminals

Clock terminals are simplified interfaces that you customize to setup on ‘terminal’ devices around your workplace, solely for the purpose of clocking in / out. Terminals are built on top of ‘locations’ so ensure that you have locations set up first. In each ‘Clock Location’, at least one ‘Terminal’ will be required. Multiple ‘Terminals’ can be setup for that one ‘Clock Location’.

Click on ‘Setup New Terminal’, and the form below will appear.

Add a name for the terminal and select a clock location from the dropdown menu. If you mark the checkbox next to ‘Require Full Employee Login’, staff members will need to add their username manually or you can have them select their username from either a staff gallery or a staff list. If you mark the checkbox next to ‘Require Webcam’, the staff member will need to use the webcam when they clock in and out of their shifts. When you are done, click ‘Create Terminal’.

Now that you have setup your clock terminal, you will be provided with a URL link for your terminal. This url will need to be manually added to the particular browser of the computer terminal in question for your employees to have easy access to the link (and thus, the ‘Terminal’). When you or your employees click on the terminal through your web browser, it will appear like below.

We hope that our clock location and terminal feature improves time clocking behavior within your business.

Happy Scheduling!