August 1, 2021

Finding Substitute Teachers Without The Hassle


As classrooms welcome back their students during this unprecedented pandemic that hit the world in 2019, school administrators are gearing up for new challenges that face them. The sudden shutdowns left educators and students scrambling for systems that would ensure a smooth learning experience. As schools re-open, the management has to be prepared to tackle the varying degrees of academic progress of the students, re-adjusting teachers to following a hybrid online and offline approach, and re-establishing a reliable substitute teacher pool to avoid any further break in education.

When schools re-open, the biggest worry of administrators will be maintaining an optimum teacher-student ratio. Although some schools and districts will see increased budgets due to the CARES ACT, it will not solve all their problems. A severe teacher shortage means there are simply not enough qualified teachers to hire. Without enough staff for the students, the federal and district-mandated physical distancing recommendation would become even more difficult to implement in the classroom.

School administrators already understand the challenges of creating a reliable substitute teacher pool, and COVID19 has only upped the ante. However, they can overcome these challenges with a straightforward solution –our substitute teacher software.

Here is how the software can address your pain points and improve your school’s safety, efficiency, and productivity as it re-opens for the upcoming school year.

Pain Point#1: Finding Qualified Subs in a Short Time

Teachers will still take off and usually with very little lead time. This can leave the students and you in a lurch. The next thing you know, you are spending the better part of the day calling every substitute teacher you have access to, over the phone – asking them for their availability on short notice. You are also more than likely to settle for the first candidate who agrees instead of aiming for the best possible substitute. This is not just inefficient but an inadequate solution.

With our substitute management software, you can create a list of preferred substitute teachers for your school. As a position opens up, you do not have to call every substitute teacher in the area manually. All you have to do is enter the absences into our system and request a substitute teacher. Your substitute pool is notified instantly with oneclick over text message or email. As soon as a substitute teacher accepts a job offer, the school receives a confirmation on the app.

Paint Point#2: Managing Teacher Absenteeism

Teacher absenteeism has a more significant impact than what’s apparent. It directly correlates to a decline in student performance and, over time, on the school’s reputation. If not managed properly, it can drain resources by increasing the administrative time spent on finding substitutes and keeping the curriculum on track.

Our substitute teacher management software allows you to track absences easily. In fact, you can track them in real-time and study trends to get a better grip on the situation and hire more teachers, if that’s a necessity. With a single screen, you can keep track of the absences and plug them with appropriate substitutes within a stipulated time window. Your employees will find it easier to report their absence, and substitutes will find it more convenient to apply for substitute positions at your school.

Pain Point#3: Complex Payroll Management

As an administrator, you are already dealing with the challenges of ensuring the safety of students and teachers, teacher absenteeism, finding substitutes, and more. You also have to maintain payroll records for all the teachers and substitutes, keeping a tab of their leave, hourly rates, late reporting, extra classes, and so on. Doing all these computations on paper is only an invitation to increase stress.

Get rid of these tedious and archaic processes and get onboard with a more efficient, productive, and better system to manage your payroll. Our software is designed to keep records of teacher absences, substitute teacher’s attendance, payroll management, and more. You can quickly generate payroll reports every month or at the end of the tenure for the substitute teacher. That is how peaceful you can make a workday.

Eliminate a Continuous Source of Stress

Absent teachers are a continuous source of stress for schools. Earlier, when a teacher went on leave, a school could hire any qualified substitute or combine classes until they find one. But, during this pandemic, they have to be more careful. They cannot crowd classes, substitute teachers have to follow COVID-appropriate behavior, and the school must be vigilant at all times.

Our substitute management software becomes not just an efficiency-enhancing tool but a necessary cog to run the school in such a scenario. We take away the stress of absent teachers from the administration. It is equivalent to hiring new school staff that scans the best applicants, hires in record time, maintains payroll, and keeps the school running like a well-oiled machine.

So, is your school ready for the re-opening? If not, Contact Us today.