March 15, 2016

How Fast Food Employee Scheduling Software Can Help You Run Your Restaurant Better


When you create work schedules for your fast food restaurant staff, you not only have to consider the needs of your employees, but also those of your customers. You likely spend hours deciding who gets what shift, attending to shift change requests, and assigning staff to appropriate areas of responsibility.

That’s where fast food employee scheduling software comes to the rescue, like Humanity.

Humanity fast food employee management software is a powerful tool, specially designed to streamline the process and meet the unique scheduling demands of fast food restaurants. Try a free trial version of Humanity today and start transforming your fast food business.

Scheduling Fast Food Staff is Complicated

Scheduling staff for your fast food restaurant requires the ability to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of your customers and the needs of your employees every day. Your fast food restaurant’s employee scheduling program must be a powerful management tool designed to streamline the process and free up your business’s managers and supervisors to spend less time scheduling and more time attending to the business of running a restaurant.

People everywhere love to go to fast food restaurants, whether it’s for burgers, pizza, or a bucket of chicken. Fast food restaurants compete for customers every day, and adequate staff scheduling is critical to providing the kind of quality customer service that brings people to your establishment and keeps them coming back. Humanity scheduling software provides the customizable platform you need to match forecasted dining room numbers with adequate counter and kitchen staff.

Depending on the size, many fast food restaurants operate with various management levels. The average restaurant staff is comprised of the owner, manager, franchise/branch managers (where applicable,) counter and kitchen staff, wait staff and customer support specialists.

Meeting the unique scheduling demands of any restaurant can be daunting. Fast food restaurant scheduling managers need to plan for every single shift to be covered by a host of staff of varying skill levels and job descriptions.

Staff supervisors must assign team members to various shifts in different areas of responsibility: taking orders, cashiering, food preparation, cleanup – a well-run fast food restaurant can require the skills of a dozen or more staff members at once, and scheduling them all efficiently is perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by supervisors and managers.

Humanity’s powerful online scheduling and management tools combine so many amazing cost-cutting and time-saving features, it has caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest fast food chains.

Humanity’s staff portal offers remote access for staff members to access and view their work schedules, request shift changes, swap shifts, review time cards, change availability and receive daily schedule alerts via text messages or email.

Humanity is designed to handle an unlimited number of employees to cover every position and every shift. Every staff member is notified of their schedule electronically and can access their schedule online from any computer, leaving no room for error. Supervisors can easily schedule their shift teams and notify them without worrying about tracking down phone numbers or requiring employees to come in on off hours to collect their schedules. Humanity has made fast food restaurant staff scheduling easy and efficient.

Addressing the Special Demands of Your Industry with Fast Food Employee Scheduling Software

Using employee scheduling software can help managers in fast food restaurants schedule their staff more easily by providing the following advantages:

  • Automated shift scheduling for every employee in every capacity.
  • Streamlined employee rotations.
  • Streamlined vacation scheduling.
  • Incorporated overtime and regulatory rules.

Using online scheduling software allows you to:

  • Set up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • Easily creates separate schedules for every sector.
  • Give individual schedule management to team or shift leaders
  • Allow sector managers to oversee and control the shift trades, vacations, open shifts, etc.
  • Notify staff quickly of schedules via SMS and e-mail.

Recapping the Benefits of Using Fast Food Employee Scheduling Software

  • Improve customer service by keeping adequate staff on hand at all times.
  • End unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Reduce employee turnover by scheduling around each crew member’s individual shift preferences.
  • Reduce unauthorized absences.
  • Comply with Health & Safety laws through scheduling.
  • Humanity allows you to manage your counter staff and kitchen staff simultaneously, crucial to maximizing the standards of operation in your business.

Furthermore, managers can remotely check on individual employees while they are clocked in, and monitor daily, weekly, and monthly attendance trends and labor costs through the Humanity application on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Humanity is a total staff management solution for the fast food restaurant industry, offering a seamless and intuitive approach to employee scheduling, attendance, time and payroll reports.

How Fast Food Employee Scheduling Software Helps Your Business

The fast food industry is a fast-paced one that requires a high level of management and processes in order to function properly. Investing in employee scheduling software to streamline your scheduling and time tracking process can help you achieve success in the fast food industry in the following ways:

Streamline Scheduling

  • Save time
    Use one tool to easily handle all aspects of team management.
  • Enhance team efficiency
    Staff members can remotely request shift changes or arrange swaps.
  • Automatic notification
    Automatically notifies staff of their schedules via email or text messaging.

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Ensure adequate staff
    Ability to optimize staff and customer ratios based on business forecasts.
  • Reduce turnover
    Automatically keeps track of employee scheduling preferences.
  • Simplify management duties
    Frees up time for managers and team leads to attend to core business operations.

Enhance Bottom Line

  • Save money
    Avoid unauthorized or unplanned overtime costs.
  • Monitor employee clocking
    Managers can remotely check daily, weekly, and monthly attendance and forecast labor costs.
  • Comply with health and safety laws
    Avoid fines and downtime with proper staff and crew scheduling.