September 29, 2022

Humanity Employee Scheduling: Now Available on Apple Watch


Users of the TCP Humanity scheduling solution already reap the benefits of automated workforce scheduling tools to simplify even the most challenging scheduling activities. Now, the Humanity scheduling software app is available on the Apple Watch, offering employees and managers more scheduling convenience than ever before.

Key Benefits of the Humanity Scheduling on the Apple Watch

Since its release in 2015, the Apple Watch has become the best-selling wearable device. Users appreciate taking iPhone features on the go and having immediate access to important notifications. Now, your employees can enjoy that same convenience when checking schedules, requesting time off and taking other schedule-related actions. With Humanity Scheduling on the Apple Watch, employees and managers can use the world’s top-selling watch to take employee scheduling activities mobile.

Humanity Scheduling available on the Apple Watch benefits everyone involved in your workforce scheduling process. It empowers employees to check schedules and submit requests and offers managers real-time notifications about employee absences, late arrivals and early departures.

Key benefits of the app include:

  • Immediate notifications: Get notified about last-minute schedule changes and employees who are early or late.
  • At-a-glance view of upcoming shifts: View shift details for the next seven days.
  • Real-time views of the workforce: See who clocked in and who is arriving late.
  • Time clock functionality: Employees can use the app to clock in, clock out and record break times.
  • Easier shift trading: Within the parameters of pre-defined rules, employees can trade shifts with minimal supervisor involvement.

This new feature isn’t just for convenience. It can be an invaluable resource for employees who don’t have regular access to a hand-held device or computer at work. Employees with the app on their Apple Watch no longer have to run the risk of finding out too late about a shift change or co-worker absence. They can stay consistently in the know about schedule changes and updates.

The Humanity app extension can be particularly helpful for the following kinds of employees:

  • Construction workers on a field site
  • Retail and other customer-facing employees
  • Mobile employees who travel to different work sites throughout a shift
  • Manufacturing employees on the shop floor

Possible Use Scenarios for Humanity Scheduling on the Apple Watch

According to IDC research, more than half of U.S. workers (57 percent) are frontline workers, and that figure is expected to rise in coming years. Because many frontline workers lack regular access to desktop computers at work, mobile tools—including wearables—provide these employees with additional scheduling capability to support a more positive employee experience.

The Humanity scheduling app makes workforce scheduling easier and more efficient for managers and employees, particularly those in deskless jobs. To see how the app can work in a variety of workplace scenarios, consider the following examples:

Nurses, lab technicians and other healthcare workers need regular access to shift schedules. However, they may not have time to access a workplace computer during working hours, especially when there is an uptick in patient demand. With Humanity Scheduling on their Apple Watch, it not only enables them to stay informed about their schedule, but also allows them to send notifications to shift supervisors if they will be late for a patient procedure or other scheduled event.

Sales associates assisting customers and working at registers don’t have to wait until the end of their shift to get scheduling updates when they can access them using their Apple Watch. They can quickly check their wrist without disrupting customer service.

Like many other frontline workers, manufacturing employees often perform roles that make it difficult to access a computer during working hours. Rather than relying on phone messages, emails or paper schedules posted in the break room, manufacturing workers can access the Humanity app on their Apple Watch and get real-time updates on shift changes, open shifts and opportunities to swap with colleagues.

Construction work rarely occurs in the same location each day, making it difficult for construction workers to stay on top of their schedules. One week, employees can be installing electrical systems on one site, and the next week, they are across town doing a completely different type of work. Having access to their schedules on the Apple Watch keeps construction workers aligned and gives them an effortless way to request time off and send a notification if they are running late.

Public Safety
Whether they are driving an ambulance, covering a beat in law enforcement, or working a shift at the local firehouse, public safety employees can use the Humanity Scheduling app for Apple Watch to manage their shift schedule without getting distracted from their duties.

Learn More About Humanity Scheduling

Workforce scheduling involves constant maneuvering, from letting employees know where to be and when, to keeping everyone on the same page when shifts change. TCP’s

TCP’s Humanity scheduling solution streamlines those scheduling activities so that you can easily create shifts, resolve scheduling conflicts, and keep employees informed in real-time. With a range of scheduling tools and solutions, including the new Apple Watch app extension, employee shift scheduling is simplified rather than manual and time-consuming. Learn more about the Humanity Scheduling platform today.