November 28, 2023

Tech Tip: Empower Your Team With Self-Service Leave Management In TimeClock Plus


You’re likely well-versed in managing employee time from the TimeClock Plus administrator dashboard, but a key feature to streamline your workflow is ensuring that your team can independently access their leave calendars. This empowers employees and reduces administrative overhead for managers and admins.

Leave Calendars: If you have the Advanced Leave Management package in TimeClock Plus, employees can view and manage their leave requests within TimeClock Plus, providing a transparent system for tracking time off.

For employees, this feature:

  • Empowers them to plan their leaves in advance
  • Monitors their leave balances anytime, from anywhere in real time
  • Ensures their time off doesn’t overlap with critical staffing periods

As an administrator, you can:

  • Oversee all leave requests in one place
  • Approve or deny them as per policy
  • Ensure that adequate coverage is maintained

Request Manager: This enables employees to quickly submit leave requests and enables employers to quickly approve or deny them.

tech tip empower your team with self service leave management in timeclock plus 001

Accruals: Here, employees can quickly see how much PTO they have banked to help them plan their leave. Employees also have access to their accrual data for information on accrued PTO.

tech tip empower your team with self service leave management in timeclock plus 002


Your team’s routine should include taking a look at Leave Calendars from time to time because it not only optimizes time management but also contributes to a more autonomous and engaged workforce. By leveraging the self-service capabilities of TimeClock Plus, you facilitate a more streamlined, proactive, and engaging environment.