June 26, 2024

Tech Tip: Introduction to Shift Tags


Efficient resource deployment, including staff and equipment, is a common challenge across various industries. Many organizations lack integrated tools to manage these tasks, leading to suboptimal resource use and increased costs. In this blog, we’ll explore how Humanity’s Shift Tags can improve an organization’s resource management and boost its overall performance.

Tech Tip Introduction to Shift Tags

Humanity’s Shift Tags is designed to build a flexible shift tagging system that enhances efficiency and communication by assigning clear tags for roles, resources, and supervisory duties. This avoids double bookings and ensures optimal resource use. Unlike its counterparts, Humanity empowers users with the ability to link shift tags to employee profiles directly, ensuring only eligible staff are assigned to shifts with specific shift tags and providing a way to customize how these tags are utilized—either as markers of scheduling conflicts or as additional, informative cues.

This streamlined approach improves clarity for employees regarding their responsibilities and aligns scheduling with the organization’s structure, fostering a more cohesive and informed workplace. Integrating comprehensive shift details with employee schedules promotes effective team operation and contributes to overall organizational success.

Key Features

Shift Tags View

Humanity’ Shift Tags

Humanity’s exclusive Shift Tags View, a feature unique to our platform, provides a strategic, time-range-specific snapshot of resource deployment. This innovative tool enhances planning and ensures that each asset is utilized to its fullest potential. Schedulers can use Shift Tags View and filters to oversee assignments across various roles, ensuring comprehensive coverage without gaps or redundancies in staffing.

Company Tag

Position Tag

The Company Tags enhance scheduling by automating the tagging of positions, liberating users from the manual effort, and granting them time to focus on more critical tasks. This feature stands out by offering a unique level of precision and flexibility, allowing tags that are applicable across various roles and locations to be assigned effortlessly, thus streamlining scheduling on a broad scale.

Position Tag

Shift Tags View

Position Tags in Humanity’s system offer flexible assignment options, allowing users such as Admins, Managers, or Supervisors to manually attach tags to specific positions. This flexibility enables decision-makers to designate roles like supervisors or team leads clearly. Once a shift is established, Position Tags provide employees with clear information about their primary contact for escalations. The tag view feature also makes it easy to identify which supervisors are overseeing specific shifts, ensuring efficient communication and streamlined management.

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