August 31, 2023

Uninterrupted Time and Attendance Management: Power & Internet Outages Are No Concern for TCP Customers


When it comes to managing your workforce’s time and attendance, disruptions are the last thing you need. TCP Software has you covered with innovative solutions that ensure seamless operation, even in the face of power outages and internet connectivity hiccups.

The Power of Preparedness: Battery Backup Keeps You Running

With TCP’s battery backup feature, you won’t have to worry about power outages bringing your operations to a halt. This backup guarantees that your hardware remains fully functional for up to 72 hours during power outages. There’s no need to set this up if you have this installed on your terminal, it will always be ready to kick in and automatically recharges when power is restored.

Fallback Mode: Your Safety Net for Connectivity Woes

For customers operating On Premise, this feature allows employees to continue using the terminal even if your server goes down. For On-Demand customers, fallback mode enables punches during maintenance or updates of TCP servers. All customers with RDTg clocks automatically have fallback mode ready if connection is lost – no action is needed.

Synergy in Redundancy: A Comprehensive Solution

Combining the fallback mode feature with the optional battery backup creates a solution you can depend on to cover all bases. Whether it’s a power outage affecting your internet or a connectivity glitch due to server maintenance, your business remains unaffected. Accuracy in punch collection and payroll calculations remains intact, safeguarding your bottom line.

Seamless Data Integration: Back Online, Back to Work

When power is restored or connectivity issues are resolved, TCP automatically syncs all punches made during the disruption. No manual inputs, no data loss. Your records are up to date, and your operations can continue seamlessly.