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June 25, 2021

eBook: Reduce Workforce Friction with Integrated Scheduling

About This Resource

It seems like simple advice when a manager hollers, “Check the schedule for your next shift” as an employee leaves for the day. But the reality is, scheduling is one of the most complicated aspects of running a smooth operation.

Integrated solutions are essential to accurate workforce management. Scheduling is a key area where the right solution can streamline processes and procedures to relieve organizational and employee issues that you may not have even realized. Aside from receiving accurate pay, it’s likely that an employee’s schedule is one of the most relevant aspects of their work experience.

Consider the following scenario…

It’s a playoff game during football season. Everybody is at the grocery store buying snacks and people are impatient to get home in time to watch the game. Looking at the long lines at each register, the store manager realizes one employee is more than 30 minutes late. He dials the employee’s number, hoping she’s on her way to work.

“Why aren’t you here for your shift?” he asks when she picks up.

“I checked the schedule on Tuesday. I’m not scheduled to work until next week,” says the employee.

“I updated the schedule on Thursday because we had a few last-minute changes. Didn’t you see the latest?”

“I haven’t been at the store since Tuesday, so I had no idea,” says the employee.

The manager is frustrated. He knows there must be a better way to communicate schedules than posting them on the wall or calling employees every time there’s an update. But he can’t think about that right now – the customers are getting restless.

Regardless of your industry or business, if you’re in charge scheduling, there’s a good chance you feel this manager’s pain. Unfortunately, scheduling is one of the most complicated business elements and one of the most critical aspects of operational success. You can’t maximize business results without the people there to help you do so.

Get ready to get time right.