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July 29, 2021

Upgrade the Scheduling Capabilities of Your HCM Software

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Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms are the foundation of workforce management systems—powering up HR, operational, and financial departments, and organizations and enterprises.

However, some of the top HCM solutions still grapple with a core issue of workforce management—employee scheduling. These powerful platforms usually support basic shift scheduling— perfectly suitable for simple employee schedules with predictable working hours, fixed and repeated schedules. But simple scheduling functionality is oftentimes incomplete. It cannot keep up with fluctuating customer demand and companies largely comprised of hourly employees located in different locations. It also hinders executives’ capability to get real-time insight into labor costs and engage a hybrid workforce.

To address these challenges, many enterprises have deployed shift scheduling point solutions to address some of the shortfalls of their HCM platform. However, most scheduling point solutions only offer a light, one-way data sync instead of complete integration. This approach creates new challenges previously unseen:

• No single source of truth. Because there is no true integration, these systems must be managed separately, compounding the original issues.
• Data integrity and double data entry become the norm.
• Compliance with local and federal labor laws—for mandatory breaks, vacations, and time-off—is hit-or-miss due to human error and multiple solution management.
• Scheduling employees with inadequate skills and certification, failing to identify a potential schedule conflict, or ending up with an empty shift at the last minute is an everyday occurrence.
• Backend systems aren’t connected, resulting in incomplete data and missed opportunities.

Download our guide to understand how shift-scheduling software integrated with your HCM platform can up level your employee scheduling.

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