Time and attendance

Govern costs and compliance risk, match your operational complexities, and improve employee experiences

Time and attendance doesn’t have to be so hard

Manual time tracking or weak software can lead to hidden costs and inaccuracies that drain budgets, mess up paychecks, and increase compliance risk. TCP’s automated time and attendance solution protects time integrity, so you can govern costs, pay your people right, and protect against risk.

Why automate time and attendance?

Our solutions protect your organization from hidden costs, inaccuracies, and compliance issues, while improving employee experiences. In other words, they pay for themselves.

Improve payroll accuracy by up to 99%

Reduce payroll effort by up to 85%

Increase productivity by up to 50%

Improve workflows and keep your team happy


Time and attendance products


TimeClock Plus

Automated time and attendance with accurate calculations across nuanced payroll rules


Time clocks

A flexible suite of time collection options to provide accurate timekeeping in any work environment

We’re how ERPs and HCMs get time right

We proudly partner with the biggest ERPs and HCMs in the market. Why? They can count on us for the flexible time collection options and payroll accuracy their customers require.

Increased accuracy and compliance in a fraction of the time

Drive efficient business processes

Drive efficient business processes for ease and accuracy

Automate it all: timekeeping, leave and accruals, exceptions management, job costing, and payroll prep.

Improve payroll accuracy

Improve payroll accuracy and control labor costs

Configure our payroll engine to match your unique rules—including multiple positions with different pay rates, shift differentials, and overtime—and get real-time visibility into labor to keep budgets on track.

Mitigate compliance risk

Mitigate compliance risk

Adhere to labor laws and union agreements with our compliance rules engines, and avoid infractions that can drain budgets and play out in the public eye.

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Simplify time capture

Use our flexible time collection options—including hardware and mobile clocks with geofencing/geolocation—for accurate timekeeping across work environments.

Leave & Absense

Streamline leave and accruals

Automate leave and absence management to minimize errors and provide employees with transparency and accountability.

Improve employee

Boost employee experiences

Offer ease and accuracy at every touch point, from correct paychecks to user-friendly clocks to self-service access to hours and accruals.

Ready to improve payroll accuracy by up to 99%?

Time and attendance in your industry

Time and attendance simply look different in different fields. Select yours to learn how we can support your work and your team.


K-12 education


Higher education


Government and public safety











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Calling small businesses

200 or fewer employees? TCP offers time tracking and scheduling purpose-built just for you.

Meet everyone’s needs

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus on other priorities. Here’s how we can help your leadership team.


Payroll director

  • How can I quickly and accurately process payroll?
  • How can we integrate with our payroll vendor?

Chief HR officer

  • How can we maintain compliance and improve employee experiences?

Chief financial officer

  • How can we stay on budget and control labor costs?

Chief operating officer/IT director


Frontline manager

  • How can I simplify timesheets, leave, and exceptions and provide great experiences for staff?

Just-right implementations and proven 24/7 customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

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Award-winning time and attendance solutions

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Get time right with integrated time tracking and employee scheduling

Automated time and attendance is even more powerful when used with dynamic employee scheduling—and we're the best at both. Better yet, our solutions integrate for a seamless experience.


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5 ways time tracking boosts your bottom line

Learn how automated time tracking can boost your bottom line by reducing time theft, improving transparency and fairness among employees, managing complicated payroll, and keeping you in compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about time and attendance.

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