August 31, 2023

Tech Tip: How to Assign Required Skills on a Shift

tech tip

To guarantee the safety of both customers and workers, workers are often required to be certified or licensed to perform specific activities. For restaurants, kitchen staff are required to have food handler licenses. For healthcare, it can be as simple as a CPR certificate and get much more complex.

The process of manually matching the right staff with the required skills to specific shifts is time consuming. Humanity has built the required skills setting to help schedulers save time on the process.

Step 1: Enable the “Required Skill on Shift” setting by going to “Settings” > “ShiftPlanning” > “Advanced Settings”.


Step 2: Click on the shift and select “Add Required Skills” on the left side. Select the skill that is required and finish by clicking “Update & Publish”.


By using the Required Skills feature in Humanity managers can rest easy knowing schedules aren’t just filled, they are properly staffed.

Use Skills Expiration to Track Certification Dates

As an added bonus, you can also use the Skills Expiration feature to keep track of when employees are due to be recertified. When entering employee data that includes their skills and certifications, you can add expiration on certain skills, which allows you to receive notifications and keep track of skills that require renewals. You can select when you wish to be notified of this skill expiration from 15 days, 1, 2 or 3 months ahead of the expiration date.