August 20, 2015

7 Great Mobile Apps for Nurses


Being a nurse is one of the most demanding jobs on the face of the planet. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that many tools, like mobile apps for nurses, have been developed to help nurses perform their tasks with confidence and serve us all to the best of their abilities.

Specifically, the market for nursing and health-related medical apps is bigger than it has ever been. Here are seven absolutely essential mobile apps for nurses that every nurse should have installed on his or her smartphone.


Black’s Medical Dictionary

Black’s is the gold standard when it comes to dictionaries and this has been the case for almost a century. Best of all, the entire hard-copy of the gigantic dictionary is now available on your mobile phone too.

The dictionary contains more than 5,000 definitions, so you’ll be able to find just about anything you’ll ever need when it comes to medical terms. And the app is well built and designed, so it’s incredibly easy and quick to reference the dictionary on your phone.

Pill Identifier

This is a situation that isn’t foreign to any nurse. You have to identify pills, but you do not have the bottles that they came from and you can’t find any labels for them.

If you find yourself in this situation, the Pill Identifier app can literally be a lifesaver. The app has a database filled with over 12,000 pills and allows you to identify what they are through imprints, shapes and colors.

MedPage Today

Any nurse that wants to stay up on all of the latest medical news from around the world should install this app right away. But that’s not all you get from MedPage Today. Along with the breaking medical news coverage, you also get in-depth analysis of this news from an expert medical perspective.

The app also offers very comprehensive reference information and identification of various drugs and medical conditions.


Omnio is truly one of the most all-inclusive apps for nurses that exists. With it, you’re getting medical calculators, drug information, medical news, access to medical journals and much more.

The app’s reference suite has an incredibly comprehensive drug guide, pill identification guides, dosage calculators, and current formulary information from just about every possible health plan. And that’s just the reference suite! It also has a medical calculator suite and a very comprehensive disease guide.


Nursing Central

This is another great option for any nurse looking for an all-in-one type of medical reference app. With Nursing Central, you get over 60,000 dictionary terms and access to 17 million medical journal articles.

Nursing students absolutely love this medical app, because it’s very detailed and the database is constantly being updated. Working nurses can also get a lot of benefit from it, especially when having to look up a medical term or drug quickly on the go.


Davis Mobile: Nursing Procedure Checklists

Here’s another medical app that is both perfect for students and still incredibly helpful for professional nurses. With this app, you essentially have the procedure checklists for 169 common nursing procedures in your pocket at all times.

Every procedure available within the app comes with a very clear and concise list of every step you need to take in order to make sure that the procedure is performed with the utmost consideration for the safety of both the nurse and patient.


Nurse’s Pocket Guide

This is a great app that will make it much easier for nurses to determine the proper diagnosis. Not only does it help you diagnose the problem, the Nurse’s Pocket Guide also helps you to develop a care plan for the diagnosis.

Each diagnosis comes with clear definitions, a list of characteristics and related factors, prioritized interventions and much more.