June 11, 2015

7 Great Podcasts for Small Business Owners


Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to get better at what they do. It’s all about setting bigger and better goals, implementing new strategies and making progress.

That is why it is so important to keep learning and developing new skills and coming up with new ideas to keep pushing your business forward in an effort to stay ahead of the curve.

Listening to podcasts has become a very popular way to learn, especially in the business world. Podcasts have become increasingly popular because they are portable. Just like audio books, podcasts can be listened to in the car, at the gym and even while you’re working.

Another great thing about podcasts is that most of them are free to download and listen to. Podcasts come in endless varieties and cover just about every topic under the sun.

If you’re looking to check out some podcasts that regularly present great information and tips about small businesses and entrepreneurship, here are seven excellent ones to start you out.

Entrepreneur on Fire

This podcast is led by entrepreneur John Lee Dumas and features daily episodes. There’s also a constant stream of very insightful guest experts joining in on the conversation and discussing topics that are applicable to business owners in just about any niche.

Another great thing about this podcast is that Dumas gives you a full view into his monthly earnings, which gives would-be podcasters and entrepreneurs great insights into how to make money in this budding vertical.

Automate My Small Business

If you’re looking for ways to automate certain processes within your small business in order to make things easier and faster, this is the perfect podcast for gathering some great tips and knowledge on the subject.

There are also experts coming in to give tips on a wide variety of processes, from marketing automation to improving office productivity with management automation tactics, and everything in between.

The $100 MBA

Like Entrepreneur on Fire, The $100 MBA is a daily podcast that always has great experts on deck. The format is very stripped down and aims at giving you real and useful information in a very condensed amount of time.

The host, Omar Zenhom, gives you 10-minute-long business lessons from the real world meant to educate small business owners on a variety of aspects of running a business in today’s world. All useful content, no fluff.

Your Money Now – The Small Business Report

Here is another podcast that is all about brevity and getting you information you can apply to your business quickly and effectively. It is run by the Wall Street Journal, so there’s no issues when it comes to credibility.

Even though it’s quick, each show has a couple of topics that are covered very well, despite the time restraints. Episodes cover things like hiring the right people, filing taxes as a small business owner, and much more.

Building a Business

On the other side of the coin, this is a podcast that chooses a topic and then goes very in depth with several chapters dedicated to one particular topic. It’s a podcast curated by Oxford University and really gives a lot of information that can help business of any size.

Some of the topics that were most recently discussed in depth include venture capital, financial projections and defining and developing business ideas.

Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re looking for a podcast dedicated to small business marketing, this might be the best one around. It isn’t incredibly regular, with episodes two to three times a month, but the information offered is definitely invaluable when it comes to marketing on a shoestring budget, which is something a lot of small business face.

Host John Jantasch has an uncanny ability to translate complex ideas into discussions that just about everyone can understand when it comes to small business marketing and sales processes.

Small Business Trends

Unlike most podcasts that are led by a more singular entity, this one has a large list of contributors from the American Express OPEN forum, which is good because a huge amount of different topics get covered from many different perspectives.

This is one of the best podcasts to check out if you are interested in learning all about the latest technology trends and tools that can help you run your operation more efficiently.


If you’re looking for the most convenient and effective ways to increase your knowledge and develop your professional growth, podcasts offer a great solution. Their format allows you to take in a lot of helpful information without having to dedicate a lot of time to the task of learning. And as we all know, time is something small business owners have very little of, which is why podcasts are a perfect lifestyle fit for them.