March 17, 2016

7 Must-Read Blogs for Customer Service and Support Professionals


While just about every industry seems to have tons of great blogs for professionals working in that particular field, for some reason, there are significantly less customer service blogs on the market.

Whether it’s a difficult profession to write about or simply a smaller niche for the blogging community, the truth is that there aren’t nearly as many blogs dedicated to this industry as you would expect.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t a handful of truly great ones; blogs that are updated regularly and provide great information about topics related to running a customer service and support operation.

Here are seven customer service blogs that you should be bookmarking if you’re in the business of providing customers with top-shelf support and business solutions.

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Envision is one of the bigger players in the customer service game and they have the knowledge and expertise to back up their status. It’s one of the better customer service blogs if you are looking to follow discussions and commentary about all of the latest industry trends.

This blog is especially good at providing very clear, concise and actionable suggestions and recommendations when it comes to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your customer service and support teams.

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Real-Time Frontline

If you are looking for a blog that features a great roster of customer service experts who give great advice on how to improve your team’s productivity, this one should be on the top of your list of blogs to check out.

The panel of experts is incredibly knowledgeable and all of the articles are very well written and based on personal experience coming from years within the industry. Anyone looking to read about new techniques and tips that can get your customer service team performing at a higher level should bookmark this blog immediately.

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Another incredibly well-respected player in the customer service game, Zendesk are probably the most innovative customer service software solution around. It’s no coincidence that Zendesk was one of the first integrations that Humanity introduced.

Their blog is especially great because you’re not only getting tips from Zendesk experts, you’re also getting information on great use cases and industry tips provided by many of their most successful customers. For a constant stream of customer service tips and all of the latest news on industry innovations and tools, it’s hard to beat the Zendesk blog.

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Destination CRM

CRM Magazine is easily one of the best publications that focuses on customer relationship management, so it’s no surprise that their online counterpart is just as good. The topics that are discussed on this blog cover a very wide range of industries, so whether you want to read about customer service tips when running a restaurant or software company, you’ll have no trouble finding useful information here whatever type of business you run.

The news section of the customer service blog is also excellent and updated very regularly, giving you great tips on all of the newest technology and trends related to customer service.

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Infinit Contact

There are a few blogs that specialize in providing advice and best practice tips related to running contact and call centers. Infinit Contact is one of them. There are articles that are tailored for call center industries on every side of the globe, so whether you’re running one in North America, Europe or Oceania, you’ll be able to find good resources that coincide with your interests.

The blog is very well structured and divided into four different categories – customer service, contact center, industry news and outsourcing.

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Fonolo provides call-back solutions for companies looking to take their phone support to the next level. Their blog is a great place to follow trends and best practices related to giving your customers the best possible experience with the way you run your contact centers.

The best thing about this blog is that the content is very varied, mixing in a lot of great videos and webinars with the regular written articles that are published.

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Userlike creates excellent customer service software that gives companies a great option for providing website-based and mobile live chat support, and it’s blog is equally helpful. It’s especially good if you are in the business of e-commerce.

Not only are you going to get great customer service information, Userlike’s bloggers also like to provide marketing and sales tips regularly that can help you improve  your e-commerce efforts especially.