August 11, 2015

7 Must-Read Blogs for Hospitality Professionals


Just like any other modern service industry, the hospitality business is constantly reinventing itself, and keeping up with all of the new trends and innovations might seem like a daunting task. Your customers are also evolving, always using new technologies and resources to both find and book the best places to stay.

Thankfully there are some great hospitality blogs if you’re looking to keep up with the ever-changing world of hoteliering and hospitality in general.

Here are seven hospitality blogs that you should not be missing out on if you’re in the business of being hospitable.

hospitality blogs


This hospitality blog is mandatory reading not only for managers and people who own and run hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts, it’s a great source of reading material for employees as well. Not only should you be reading HospitalityNet daily, you should subscribe to their newsletter as well, which comes out daily and does a great job of highlighting all of the best information featured on the website.

If you’re looking for a one-stop type of hospitality blog to get all of your news and tips on how to run your establishment better, this is it. It’s also a fantastic source for people working as employees in hospitality because it lists available courses, job openings, and could come in very handy for people looking for new jobs or wanting to get better at what they do.

hospitality blogs

Boutique Hotel News

If there’s anything that’s “in” and trending in the hospitality business right now, it’s boutique hotels. People are looking for new experiences when traveling and many would much rather find a small and hip hotel in a trendy part of the city than a chain hotel.

Anyone who has a small boutique hotel or is interested in the prospect of opening one should be following this blog. It’s a very exciting, fast-moving niche and Boutique Hotel News does a great job of keeping up with it.

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A very feature-heavy hospitality blog that gives you a constant influx of useful information whether you are running a hotel or working in one. It doesn’t really focus on hospitality industry news, but that’s alright because there are plenty of others that do.

One of the best things about eHospitality Times is how well it’s organized. All of the great feature articles are broken up into categories like Marketing, Food & Beverage, Tourism and so forth. If you’re looking for lots of great expert tips for the industry, this is a perfect place to look.

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This company is in the business of offering innovative technology solutions to hotel owners for improving marketing and driving revenue, and their blog content definitely demonstrates their level of expertise in these fields.

The blog posts are very detailed and are perfect for all modern hoteliers who are looking to use everything that modern technology offers in order to take their businesses to the next level. It’s a great place to find out about online marketing techniques and best practices in hospitality as well as excellent data analysis tips.

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Hotel Marketing Strategies

This blog is something that’s a little bit off the beaten path and different from regular industry blogs. Hotel Marketing Strategies shows you a hand-picked collection of photos that show some of the most creative and best examples of hotel marketing from all around the world.

If you’re looking for ideas for spicing up your marketing strategies and trying something new and innovative, this is a great hospitality website to browse regularly. And it’s fun to check out, since there are no articles or videos, just great pictures of real hotels doing really cool things to promote themselves.

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Anyone who feels like they are getting a little left behind by technology should be checking out Tnooz regularly. It’s all about how technology affects the travel industry. You’ll learn about all of the latest tools that consumers are using to find the best hotel experiences and how to use new technologies to keep up with the competition.

Tnooz gives you all the latest news and information on all of the most important and most intriguing websites, apps and other tools that are strictly related to the hospitality industry.

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Hotel Chatter

This is one of the best blogs to follow if you want to keep tabs on the competition and see what other hotels are doing. Hotel Chatter not only gives you all the industry buzz and news, you can also read very detailed hotel reviews and ratings here.

For constant updates on new hotels, various innovations and interesting hotel-related news, there’s no one covering the industry in this manner better than Hotel Chatter.

It’s the best place to see hotel reviews, ratings, and news on new hotel openings. It’s also great for keeping hoteliers up to date on renovations and innovations that hotels are around the world are implementing.