April 15, 2016

7 Retail Related Podcasts Worth Checking Out


Are you a retail business owner looking for new ideas to inspire you? If so, you should really be keeping an ear out for some of the best retail podcasts that are out there.

There are plenty of thought leaders in the retail industry today that love sharing their latest commerce strategies with whoever is interested in learning from the best. Podcast are especially great for business people that don’t have much free time to dedicate too much else outside of running their businesses.

Unlike blog posts or webinars, you can listen to podcasts in the car, at the gym – just about anywhere.

If you’ve been wanting to check out some great podcasts dedicated to the retail vertical, there’s no need to look any further; we’ve done the digging for you.

Here are seven best retail podcasts you should definitely check out and subscribe to if you’re interested in retail.

best retail podcasts

Total Retail

If you’re interested in the omnichannel retail industry, this website is where you should be going to read up on all of the latest trends and news. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar retail store or are focused on e-commerce, Total Retail fits the bill.

The podcasts are great, featuring experts from a vast variety of retail sectors. If you enjoy the podcasts, be sure to sign up for the website’s daily newsletter as well. They even offer a quarterly print issue if that’s more your style.

best retail podcasts

Retail Propeller

The Retail Propeller operates within a niche that could be interesting for retailer even if it does not directly address them. Namely, this podcast is all about getting your product to retailers.

So if you are a small business owner, inventor or entrepreneur, this retail podcast focuses on the wholesale to retail process. Basically, it’s all about how these people who are makers and creators of products can get their wares out to the right retailers.

best retail podcasts

Retail Sound Bites

It’s hard to beat Kantar Retail when you’re looking for expert opinions. They have been providing leading shopper and retail insight for years now, focusing on analytics, technology and general consulting geared towards helping retailers sell more effectively.

This retail podcast introduces new episode very regularly and covers a vast array of topics. Almost all of the guests are Kantar employees, but that’s nothing bad, considering how big the company is and what how many experts can be found within their ranks.

best retail podcasts

Innovative Retail Technologies

The name pretty much says it all here – these guys are all about providing the latest news and feedback on technology and its uses in the retail industry. The website is very thorough and provides retailers with very detailed information regarding technology and the latest retail solutions available on the market.

The website is a bit messy when it comes to finding their podcasts. Your best bet is to simply search the word “podcasts” in the website’s search section and a list of their most popular podcasts will come up. Whether you’re interested in omnichannel retailing or specifically in-store operations and systems, you’ll be able to find a wealth of informative material here.

best retail podcasts


This is probably the single best podcast that is dedicated to e-commerce. The podcast features a constant stream of e-commerce experts discussing a vast range of topics that can provide you great tips on how to start or grow your online retail business.

Host Andrew Youderian is very knowledgeable and asks his guest great questions to get the excellent value out of every conversation. Best of all, most of the experts speak in a very casual and down-to-earth way, which makes it easy for people who might not be experts in e-commerce to easily follow along and learn from them.

best retail podcasts

Reality Retail Revolution

Brought to you by Advancing Retail, this is another retail podcast that really focuses on all of the latest advances in technology that are changing the retail industry day in and day out. Anyone interested in how technological advancements are changing not only the way retailers sell their merchandise, but how they interact with customers and suppliers, this is an interesting podcast to tune in to.

The interviews are almost exclusively conducted with representatives of companies that are changing the face of retail by introducing exciting new technologies to the industry.

best retail podcasts

Retail Nightmares

This one is just a plain old good time. Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle are creatives living in Vancouver who have obviously spent a lot of time working in retail. They invite many of their funny friends to the podcast as well to share some of their funniest and most frightening experiences from the sales floor and from behind the register.

While not educational, it certainly is fun to listen to the stories they tell, which are certainly relatable to anyone who has been in the business for a while. It’s the perfect podcast for a Friday night of unwinding and copious amounts of laughter.