December 19, 2018

Adding Schedule Notes

Schedule Notes provide an easy way to share daily information with members. Schedule Notes, which can be added per Schedule per day, may be helpful to:

  • explain key details about a special event, e.g. meet at the north gate
  • remind members to complete a task, e.g. fill out rig checks at end of shift
  • give daily updates, e.g. Hwy 35 is under road construction, use Bailey Road as an alternate

Schedule Notes can be added in the Hourly Editor or Schedule Views; Monthly Calendar View is shown below. Schedule Authority is required to add or modify Schedule Notes.

Add Schedule Note in the Monthly Calendar View


Schedule Notes can be included in Shift Reminders as well, see below.

Include Schedule Note in Shift Reminders

Schedule Notes are viewable by any member qualified to work on the schedule. For members with Schedule Authority, Schedule Notes can also be edited. An example of a Schedule Note in mobile is shown below.


For more information on Schedule Notes, please contact the Support Team at 888.749.5550 or As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~Your Aladtec Team