August 16, 2012

Additional Permission Levels Give You Greater Control And Better Staff Organization


Permission levels in Humanity allow managers to control what their staff members can see and do in the application on a broader scale. While managers have full access to the employee scheduling software, employees may only be given access to specific tabs like the scheduler, time clock and staff tabs.

New permission levels in Humanity

We have added two permission levels—Schedule Viewer and Accountant—to our existing list of four. So, you can now set your staff to the following six permission levels: 

  • Manager 
  • Supervisor 
  • Scheduler 
  • Employee 
  • Accountant 
  • Schedule Viewer

Our new “Accountant” permission level is useful to provide staff with limited read-only access to data that an accountant may need. Unnecessary details will be hidden, which will also help expedite their accounting processes. Here, read-only access is granted to the Schedule and Report tabs, while all other tabs are hidden.

Our new “Schedule Viewer” permission level is ideal for cases where you just want a user to be able to view certain schedules. When you assign staff to this permission level, they are granted read-only access to specific schedules, which you can dictate by assigning them to certain positions.

How to change permission levels in Humanity

To change a staff member’s permission level, go to the “Staff” tab and click on the desired staff member. Underneath their profile picture, click the “Permissions” link. 

We hope our updated and extended permission levels give you greater control over your business and help you grow, develop and organize your business better!

Happy Scheduling!