January 13, 2020

Aladtec Releases Many Improvements

Aladtec Releases Many Improvements

If you are looking to improve your employee scheduling process, you will want to take another look at Aladtec. Our developers have recently rolled out several dynamic enhancements that will make your scheduling duties less of a chore.

Drag & Drop

The Hourly Editor now allows a drag and drop feature, improving the efficiency to update existing records. Simply drag existing scheduled time over another existing record or even block time.

Coverage Alerts

The most notable advances are related to “staggered Coverage Alerts,” a new functionality that allows managers to create and automatically cycle through a list of members, offering only the appropriate individual the opportunity to work an extra shift. For example, an individual with the most seniority or least overtime hours has the right of first refusal before the shift is offered to a member with the second-most-seniority or second-least overtime hours, and so on. Learn more here.

System Setup

We’ve added a new System Setup option within the Access Level menu that allows a TLA to expand permissions for any member to participate in aspects of managing your personnel. For example, with this new feature, a captain who has scheduling authority can now configure the staggered Coverage Alert profiles in Setup that he requires to fill his open shifts.

Additional Features

Here are a few other upgrades that you may have noticed:

  • View notes from the Change Requests page.
  • A printer-friendly icon is available in completed Trades and Time Off boxes.
  • Alternating schedules has increased to 60 in Repeats & Rotations.
  • Improved interface on the Time Clock screen.