December 8, 2020

Introducing Our New Payroll Module

Introducing Our New Payroll Module

Payroll takes up valuable time in your day, time that takes you away from providing public service to those in need.  At Aladtec, we spend our days finding solutions that give you that valuable time back; our latest is the Payroll Module.  To ensure no disruption to your day-to-day activities, the Payroll Module is already enabled, configured, and ready to use in your system. 

The Payroll Module gives you two new features built to make payroll administration easier and more accurate.  Pay Profiles, where different sets of payroll rules can be created and assigned to members, and the Payroll Report, where payroll data is displayed.  These are the first of many features included in the Payroll Module; in the future, we will continue to add additional features, all designed to streamline your payroll process.

Pay Profiles
Managing different pay rules within your organization through manual processes is time-consuming and error-prone.  With Pay Profiles, you can now manage all these different rules in one central location.  Three areas make up a Pay Profile:

  • Time Worked- Organizations can configure this section to include any combination of Scheduled Hours, Time Clock Hours, or Extra Hours. As specified by Time Types or Pay Codes, hours can be categorized as paid or unpaid in this area. All Time Types defined in your system will be listed here. These Time Types, when checked, will be considered paid time and will be included on the Payroll Report.
  • Time Off- Similar to Time Worked, all Time Off Types defined in your system will be listed here.  Check a Time Off Type to denote it as paid time off appearing on the Payroll Report. 
  • Overtime- In this area, configure your overtime rules by specifying your Day or Week Range, so overtime hours are always correctly calculated.  Overtime was previously managed in Work Groups.  Existing rules have been automatically configured in Pay Profiles.
Payroll Pay Profile Export

To take advantage of Pay Profiles, go to Setup -> Modules -> Payroll

Payroll Report
The Payroll Report is full of features designed to save you time.  You can easily reorder columns in the Payroll Report to meet the requirements of your payroll provider.  Once you have the columns in the required format, save it as a filter so that you no longer need to spend time cleaning up the report in your spreadsheet software every time you export.  We know it is frustrating having to re-create your filters when switching between a detailed and a summary view of a report, so with the Payroll Report, you can easily toggle between views while keeping your filters intact.

Payroll Report Edit Filter ExportAvailable customizations within the Payroll Report

We hope the new features in the Payroll Module will not only save you time but remove manual, error-prone steps from your payroll process.  You can expect future enhancements to the Payroll Module to further streamline the payroll process, saving additional time and headaches.  

The following video showcases the new features and functionality available in greater detail.

For questions or additional help with the Payroll Module, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team