October 11, 2012

How Can I See Which Employee Is Clocked In At Which Location?

Humanity strives to offer as many options as possible, in order to give you your business data and information in the most versatile, adaptable and readable format. As your employees clock in and out of their shifts, your data is securely stored and immediately available for you to view and review. Among our extensive timeline and filter options, such as by schedule, employee or approve status, is the option to view timesheets and all time clock activity by location.

Go to the ‘Time Clock’ tab and click ‘Manage Timesheets’ under the ‘Management’ subheading. You will see a list of all time clock activity, sorted from most recent to least recent.


Select the desired location from the rightmost dropdown menu, which initially reads ‘All Schedules’

The window will refresh and your filtered data will appear. Now, you hone in on location-specific business information, as well as further filter the data to find exactly what you are looking for, within your desired parameters.

We hope you find this additional time clock and timesheet feature, as well as our other filter options, time-saving and a useful organizational tool.