May 22, 2012

How Do I Make An Employee Schedule Available Online?


Creating and sharing employee schedules with staff is easy with Humanity’s web-based staff scheduling software. Management staff can create and/or edit schedules, which will then be available online for employees to view. Our scheduler is easy and intuitive to use, and we give you the additional option of either making your staff schedules visible to your employees at all times or using the draft and publish feature. The latter gives management staff the opportunity to create schedules or make changes to shifts, review them and only share the schedule or changes with staff when it is ready.

To see and change your publishing setting, go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Settings’ under the subheading ‘Account’. In the window on the right, you will see the option ‘Use the Draft/Publish schedule method’ under ‘Schedule Settings’, shown below. Check the associated box to turn on this setting, or uncheck the associated box to turn off this setting.

If this is unchecked, your schedules are visible to your employees at all times. When you create a staff schedule or edit a shift, it becomes available to your employees immediately.

Alternatively, If you turn the draft and publish feature on, you will be able to draft schedules, edit shifts and review the schedule before you manually publish the shift(s) and make it available for your employees to view. Once published, notifications will go out to all the necessary employees and their schedule will show the new changes.

To publish shifts, you need to press the green ‘Publish’ button in the ‘Schedule’ tab.

A popup window (shown below) will appear and you can choose whether or not you want to send notifications to your employees of the newly published schedule, or the new schedule changes.

Once you click ‘Publish Shifts!’, the schedule and your shift changes will be available to all your employees, who will also be notified if you chose that option.

Our Wizard is working very diligently in “Ask The Wizard” mode, and hopes you find this feature useful, whether you have it on or off!

Check out the video below to learn more about publishing schedules.