May 15, 2012

Humanity Tutorial: How Do I Make The Work Schedule Start On Monday Rather Than Sunday?


What is the first day of the week: Monday or Sunday?

Our hardworking Wizard is here to answer all your “Ask the Wizard Questions” like this one!

The answer to this question has been debated since the beginning of time, and opinions vary all over the world. Humanity is a flexible workforce management application and allows you to decide exactly what day (Monday thru Sunday) to deem as the first day of your organization’s workweek. With the power to select your own start day comes not only the option to change the calendar view of the work schedule, but also the ability to select the start day for overtime and payroll periods. The Humanity default for the first day of the calendar week is Sunday. Find out how to adjust the start date below:

Go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Account Settings’ listed under the subheading, ‘Account’. Under the subheading ‘Schedule Settings’, you can select the day you wish to be your ‘Start Day’ from the dropdown menu, shown below.

When you view your schedule in the week or month view, the day you select will appear in the first column. For example, if you choose Monday to be the start of the week, you will see the following month view: