January 2, 2013

Humanity Tutorial: How Do I View Open Shifts on the Mobile Scheduling App?


Humanity is constantly adding our many desktop functionalities to our mobile scheduling app. Open shiftsavailable for pickup as well as shift requests waiting for approval are accessible in the Humanity’s mobilescheduling app. Employees will be able to view the available open shifts and its details before requesting to work that shift. Managers will view the open shifts that were picked up and will have the ability to accept or reject the shift pickup.

To view open shifts, select the three red bars icon on the top left corner to view the menu bar.

Tap on ‘Requests’ then ‘Open Shift’ and depending on if you are a manager or an employee, you will see the respective displays:

For the manager, open shifts requests will appear for approval if you have your desktop admin setting ‘Employee requests to pick-up open shifts are automatically approved’ unchecked.

After selecting a shift request, there are options to either ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ it.

For the employee, a list of all available open shifts will appear along with the shift date, position and time.

Tap the shift and it will bring you to this window. If you wish to work the open shift, tap ‘Request to work’ underneath that shift.

We hope this help both managers and employees in scheduling as Humanity becomes even more mobile-friendly. Keep an eye out on future development on our mobile scheduling app.

Happy Scheduling!

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