May 17, 2012

Where Do I Find Video Tutorials on Employee Scheduling?


Humanity offers an extensive list of guides and tutorials that users can find in the support forum of the application. In addition to text and image-based help, we also offer video tutorials that guide through most of the software’s features in a step-by-step manner. Our videos, guides, and tutorials are available 24/7 to refresh your memory, show you how to complete certain tasks and/or allow you to learn more about the many parts of our employee scheduling software.

To access guides and tutorials in the Humanity application itself, follow these instructions:

When you sign in to your account, you will be brought to the ‘Dashboard’ tab. On the left navigation bar, click on ‘Support’ which will bring you to the ‘Browse Tutorials’ screen, like below. Here, you can click on any of the topics listed to read more about each topic or search for a topic or keyword.


You can also visit our YouTube channel to see video tutorials. Our video topics range from admin settings to popular actions in the scheduler, to generating reports and everything in between.


We want to set you up with appropriate tools and resources to leverage when you are training staff, introducing employees to Humanity or implementing a new feature of our application. Our ‘Training’ module allows you to create training topics for your employees that incorporate our existing guides and tutorials as well as video tutorials.

Our hardworking Wizard, below, hopes you find this answer and our video tutorials useful! We are always happy to provide you with the resources to make your scheduling and employee management process easier and faster.