June 11, 2012

Auburn University’s Kappa Alpha Theta use Humanity To Stay On Top Of Their Academics


Kappa Alpha Theta is an international organization with college and alumnae chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, there are more than 170,000 women that have been initiated into Theta. Founded in 1870, Theta is the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. Thetas have excelled as students and have gone on to achieve prominence in every professional field.

At Auburn University, Humanity is used by 209 girls to stay on top of their academics and keep up with their required study hours to meet their high academic standards. The current scholarship director of this chapter implemented Humanity after previous scholarship directors struggled with how best to keep track of whether or not students were completing their study hours.

Previously, they relied on pen and paper – and honesty. Now, they can manage study hours, which vary among students depending on their GPAs. Each girl is assigned a “schedule” which indicates the number of study hours they are required to complete. Anonymity is very important when it comes to studying hours and GPAs, and the Humanity application allows for the privacy they desire. When the students sign in, they can only see their own information and schedule.

Instead of having to go to a designated location and record study hours in a binder or write in a Google document how many study hours they have completed, the Humanity application can be accessed from anywhere on campus, at any time. Manually adding time clock times has been a useful feature, when accommodating students that forget to clock in and out of their study hours. Additionally, checking through and approving timesheets is another useful tool to stay on top of the girls’ study hours.

”I was pleasantly shocked at the availability, friendliness and helpfulness of the Humanity team….very easy to work with. It has revolutionized the way our chapter conducts study hours.” -Sally Thompson, Scholarship Director, Kappa Alpha Theta, Auburn University


The Humanity team commends Kappa Alpha Theta on their creativity and customization, and we hope the girls are improving their GPAs with organized study hours!