July 2, 2019

Platform Update: Announcing the Auto-Fill Schedule


After months of research, customer surveys, and user testing, Humanity is proud to announce an enterprise-ready functionality. Schedulers can now optimize existing rosters or fill blank schedules in just a few clicks.

Introducing the Auto-Fill Schedule from Humanity.

Better than speed: How Auto-Fill Schedule generates smarter schedules with Artificial Intelligence

Crafting a shift schedule that covers your organization’s needs is only half the battle. Scheduling the right team to cover those shifts is what makes your business work. Cross-referencing sheets with employee data—skills, certifications, preferred working hours, etc.—not to mention details on overtime, leave requests, and availability—is necessary to finalize an accurate shift schedule, but it is incredibly time-consuming and complex. That’s where the automation of Humanity’s Auto-Fill Schedule allows AI to make scheduling easy.

This new feature streamlines the scheduling process in two ways:

  • By filling empty shifts, open slots, or both;
  • By optimizing the existing shift assignments, while also filling empty shifts and open slots.

Until now, Humanity users relied on the Scheduling Wizard for automated schedule creation, but that process also required subsequent manual edits and conflict resolution. The Auto-Fill Schedule offers new, advanced options—most importantly, conflict avoidance and custom prioritization—which not only accelerate the scheduling process but also provide rosters better fit for your organization’s needs.

How it works

The Auto-Fill Schedule allows shift scheduling professionals to activate conflict rules that are most relevant to the business, allowing business-critical data points like labor budget and federal and local regulations to be factored into the schedule. The resulting auto-filled schedule is then free of predefined conflicts, such as overtime or employee availability.

Humanity also allows the prioritization of employee assignments seniority, rating, pay type, and more, with easily defined rules. Manually selecting employees to be scheduled first is no longer necessary; Humanity can do it for you.

The Auto-Fill Schedule works in two modes, depending on the level of complexity of your schedule. With Basic Mode, you can get a simple roster ready in under a minute. To build schedules with more advanced conflict settings and custom prioritization, Advanced Mode will generate the optimal result out of thousands of possible solutions in several minutes. Scheduling administrators can then review the read-only preview of the auto-filled schedule before applying and publishing it, minimizing time-consuming edits and additional check-ups.

6 benefits of Humanity’s Auto-Fill Schedule

Humanity customers who beta-tested Auto-Fill Schedule have been amazed at the speed at which they can assign shifts, while also minding the conflicts and critical company policies. And your organization can reap the same benefits:

  • Optimization and speed—assign the right employees to blank or existing schedules in a click
  • Minimize understaffing—manage empty shifts and open slots in a few clicks
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts—tailor conflicts settings to avoid common shift scheduling issues
  • Assign shifts how you see fit—use predefined or custom prioritization rules to schedule employees more effectively
  • Ensure fair work distribution—leverage the power of Humanity to distribute shifts equally
  • Schedule preview—ensure the auto-filled schedule is exactly how you need it before applying the result

Activate Auto-Fill Schedule on your Humanity account today

To run the Auto-Fill Schedule, you need to have Manager, Supervisor or Scheduler account permissions. Find detailed instructions on how to set up and make the most of this existing capability. And be sure to share your experience with us via


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