August 23, 2012

Automatic Break Deductions In Humanity Makes Scheduling And Payroll Processing Easier, More Accurate & Faster


Our real-time report feature creates reports based on your schedule, time clock and employee data quickly and accurately. You can select from an array of report types and further filter the data by schedule, timeline, location, employee and more. Similarly, we give you the tools to set your own break rules for smarter break handling, giving you greater control over your employees and your payroll information. This enables the management staff to schedule smarter by automatically setting the exact work hours and break times for each schedule produced. When it comes to reporting, break rules can be applied to timesheets when viewing a report, saving you plenty of time and effort as data can be accurately calculated and used in payroll.

To do this, go to the ‘Reports’ tab and click ‘Time Sheets Summary’ under the ‘Time Sheets’ subheading.

From the dropdown menu on the far right, select from our existing options. You will see the ‘Deduct Breaks’ option.

This feature deducts breaks for unpaid breaks. For example, if an employee worked for 8 hours, the timesheet will appear as below:

If they had a one-hour unpaid break, once you apply the ‘Deduct Breaks’ feature, it will show 7 hours on the timesheet summary. If, however, they had a one hour paid break, it will still show the same 8 hours.

We hope our integrated features make scheduling and payroll processing easier and more efficient!